Compromised And Paralyzed, America Now Has No Government 

By Leyland A. King

July 7, 2017

No need be alarmed or outraged about the title.  It really doesn’t matter anymore whether one chooses to be Democrat, Republican, or apathetic; religious zealot or palpably patriotic. It is too late! The hated Washington big government is no more, and the welfare queen has flown. Yes, government we dismantled. No, it we suffocated. Fact is, it rotted away in plain sight while we called each other vile names and ignored the vile stench of decades long institutional decay.

Now we can run government as a business. A family enterprise. Hooray! It is a person with free speech and all the rights and privileges of a citizen, unconsrained by irritants like the constitution, regulations and such. Who needs voting rights anyway, Justice Scalia almost said. Free the Corporate citizen. They already have their own armies. They, in some countries are called warlords.

Surely, we all heard of the contented frog slow-poached in a pot; about the jealous, happy frogs that prayed for a king to rule over them. The apt, belated comment might well be, they should have known. But there must be a parable somewhere, concerning the day the poor convened a meeting for super rich men to, by goodness of heart, discuss being kind to the poor. I can’t find one fitting but Jonathan Swift’s satirical letter to the British, inquiring how they preferred Irish babies cooked, with what spices and accompanying dressings served, is as close as I got.

Now, like North Korean citizens ruled by a smart cookie, we’ll smile and cheer on sight of Trump, Paul Ryan, Betsie DeVos and so many, many others. Don’t ever stop cheering.


The Urgency Is This Moment 

  July 2, 2017

  By Leyland A.King

Book, like read are four letter words, that we don’t wish to hear. Too busy, we say. So I’ll brief.
Earlier this week I read a book titled, “Tyranny: Twenty Lessons From The Twentieth Century.” The author is Timothy Snyder. I saw many of his interviews and presentations. I have never met him and was never asked to endorse or promote his publication.

I purchased the deliberately inexpensive, simply worded book. It is available in traditional print options, ebook and audible If the world, particularly American’s, are not troubled by the parallels drawn for us by Mr. Snyder, it could not be that we are very brave and tough. It’s simply that we are comatose and might never hear his bell cry. So, please, read the thin, ninety-minute book or at least discuss it. We are running out of excuses, e.g, we didn’t know.

Thanks for your time. Have a great evening.