Voted For Trump? This Might Interest You

Voted for trump this might interest you

This FB post was shared by HL Shepherd. It is awesome! Not one tittle changed. Thanks to Hope Underwood who appears to be the author. There, too, is a request to share this article. I will do my part in assisting the circulation.

I found a brilliant post,that MUST be passed forward on how we ALL feel:Hope Underwood Note to my mother:

I am unconcerned that we have different politics. I do not think less of you because you voted one way and I voted another. We need people to vote and the candidate we select is not always going to win. It is hoped that we will have someone who is competent enough to run our country. That didn’t happen in the last election. We got a thin-skinned egomaniac who has never been held accountable for any atrocities he has committed.

Let me be clear. I think less of you because you watched an adult mock a disabled man in front of a crowd and you still supported him. I think less of you because you saw a man spouting clear racism and you cheered for him. I think less of you because of your willingness to support someone who openly admires dictators and demonizes the press and anyone who criticizes him. I think less of you because you heard him advocate for war crimes and you still thought he should run this country. I think less of you because you watched him equate a woman’s worth to her appearance and you thought that was okay. I think less of you because you’ve seen his appointees systematically destroy legal protections and loot the tax payers money and you are ok with that. You watched, along with the rest of the nation, as he separated families and locked innocent children in dog cages and you were not horrified as the rest of us were. You refuse to accept the fact that this man wants to work with dictators but has alienated our long standing allies. I think less of you because you refuse to review the facts and accept that this man is lying to you on a daily basis. It isn’t your politics I find repulsive. It is your willingness to support racism, sexism, misogyny, and cruelty that I find repulsive. You supported a tyrant and bully when it mattered and that is something I will never forgive or forget. Your lack of morals and basic humanity are devastating to me.

There are some things I can never be civil about: concentration camps, genocide, white supremacy, misogyny, harm to children, mass trauma, state violence, rising fascism, to name a few. There is NO civil discussion with someone who agrees with putting children in dog cages.

So, no…you and I will never be “coming together” to move forward or whatever. Trump literally disgusts me and I hate the sound of his voice spewing hate and diving the country but, the fact that he doesn’t disgust you is something that is going to stick with me long after this presidency. You have shown me who you really are and the fact that you still support this monster and rush to justify everything he does makes me feel that we have nothing to discuss.

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Then in Stumbled Trump

Too long dependent on racial appeal and citizens disenfranchisement, the frightened minority, tried to survive at all costs. The gasping Republican Party bargained and were vexed with God. The Republican Leadership, now reviled, and terrified, vitiated its legal and moral responsibilities to the nation, and surrendered all to the lingering tea party’s poisonous breath of death. The boisterous group of three dozen post-prime, comedians, who believed themselves to be marauders, invoked centuries buried, revolutionary political rhetoric they converted to prayers. Then, being lost in their own forests of deceit and incompetence, like the Frogs they pestered God for a mighty King. In stumbled King Trumpenstein the Clumsy, as animated as his cousins Jeff the Elf and Mike the Mesmerized, and twice as dumb. Horray, cried the aimless party’s soul. All deficiencies ignored, the flailing limbs and gutter language’s stench adored. Then the party, like the Frogs, thanked their god, declaring the ogre,Trumpenstein the Clumsy, was chosen by God and all must obey. The adults cheered wildly while shouting the the ogre’s name. But the children watched the ogre, were afraid, and they cried.

Then in Stumbled Trump

Especially Now, Why Trust U.S Government With Capital Punishment 

If you hear approaching hoof beats in the night, you’re not crazy. That is, unless you suppose them to be gambolling donkeys in heat. Be alarmed, inquire and assure yourself of what is.

The reason I posted this petition in its entirety, is to raise awareness of the unwise position of allowing this monstrous republican autocracy to have power to further misuse the death penalty.

Though no cogent argument favours the death penalty, and we know that in the United States innocent persons have been intentionally executed by the state, certain recent behaviours done in our name ought to shock every citizen of conscience.

The United States Supreme Court found that some recent cases, met the definition of  cruel and unusual punishment. When that happened, one would think that the governors who employed every legal manoeuvre to kill another human being, would reflect on the reasons they are so ardent in seeking those deaths. Not with governor Rick Scott of Florida. He went twice, appealing and fixing errors to carry on legally, his immoral and ghoulish mission. His peers in other states, did worse -deciding to just shoot the convict, saving themselves the trouble of appeals. But there’s a decent state attorney in Florida, Aramis Ayala, who will not join  governor Rick Scott’s blood fest. Please, please lend your support to what is morally just.
BREAKING: Gov. Rick Scott might try to remove Florida’s first Black head prosecutor from office simply because she did the right thing–and we have to stop him. Will you sign the petition?
Aramis Ayala is part of the less than one percent of Black women who are head prosecutors in the country. Last week, she took a heroic step and pledged not to seek the death penalty, and Rick Scott wrongfully removed her from a key case–even though Ayala was supported by the victim’s family in her decision. Now, he might be trying to get her out of office permanently?!
This is an attack on democracy and Black political leadership. Aramis Ayala’s bold move is in direct response to the needs of the voters who put her in office. Yet, Gov. Scott is overstepping his authority and sending a scary and unfair message: the voters’ choice in who they elect to serve justice does not matter.

Demand Governor Rick Scott respect the people’s choice, reverse his decision and put State Attorney Aramis Ayala back on the case.

This is about more than just the death penalty. Black communities and our allies have built a movement over the last year to replace the worst prosecutors with leaders who want to change the system from the inside out–like Aramis Ayala and Kim Foxx in Chicago. Just like every other movement that has built power for Black people, this movement is being met with anti-Blackness, right wing resistance, and anti-democratic tactics intended to keep our communities trapped under the leadership of white conservatives.

We’ve seen it before. After the election of the first Black President, we saw a wave of voter suppression laws intended to constrain Black political power and right-wing politicians refusing to let President Obama conduct the most basic aspects of his duties like appointing a Supreme Court Justice. We have to send a clear signal that when it comes to real leaders like Aramis Ayala, we’ve got their backs.
Governor Rick Scott must let state attorney Aramis Ayala do her job. Tell him to reverse his decision NOW.
During his tenure, Governor Rick Scott has repeatedly failed to step up to other state attorneys when they did not serve justice. He shunned the family of Trayvon Martin. In 2012, when 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was killed by cop wannabe George Zimmerman, Governor Scott moved too slowly to pursue justice for the teenage boy and his family. It was only after urgent pleas from protesters and community members that Scott finally stepped up and appointed a special prosecutor. But who he appointed was damaging–Angela Corey–whom he knew would support his “Stand Your Ground” law where he saw fit. Instead of fighting for justice, Corey allowed Zimmerman to get off. Since then, the Governor hasn’t done a thing about the criminalization of Black folks or the laws that allow them to be killed in cold blood.
Yet, Governor Scott did not even wait a day to take State Attorney Aramis Ayala off this crucial case, diminishing and undermining her position as a prosecutor. He is sending a scary and unfair message — the voters’ choice in who they elect to serve real justice does not matter.
Local prosecutors are the most influential decision makers in the criminal justice system and their work has an enormous impact on the lives of the most vulnerable among us. Our communities cannot afford to have elected leaders put their own interests and power above the people. That is why Orange-Osceola County State Attorney Aramis Ayala–someone who will stay committed to making justice a reality for all people–is the kind of leader that we need. We cannot stand by and let someone like Governor Rick Scott silence her and the voters who elected her to fix our criminal justice system. Let’s show up for Ayala’s bravery and integrity.
Sign the petition.
Until Justice is real
Rashad, Arisha, Scott, Clarise, Anay, Enchanta, Malaya, and the rest of the Color of Change Team

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