African-Americans do Not Need Trump’s Permission to Protest

African-Americans do Not Need Trump’s Permission to Protest The one who feeds you, controls you.

True today as it’s always been.

I do understand that the players have to make a living and that they have contracts to honour. I just wonder, sometimes about the attorneys who represent them at the signing of these contracts and whether they know what rights given away?

But, let’s look at the fans. The fans who are enthralled with this or that player or team; the hundreds of thousands of people who make a living off the earnings of the athletes and the benefits to cities and the nation though tax revenues and so much more. All because of the players -not the owners.

I guess fans associate with the athlete, the image, not the man. Nope! Never with the Black human form.

Now, for those co-opted, who are wilfully confused; those who pretend not to have to decide: it’s about police brutality, police impunity to murder Black people in America and a criminal justice industry focused on our destruction through stultification.

If there is any doubt in your heart, two nights ago Trump, who has been on a dehumanising rant, finally spoke what’s in his malevolent, tiny, undeveloped mind. He said that if they won’t stand proudly for the national anthem, then they must get ouof the America. It can’t get clearer than that.

Well, Donald, piss on yourself, because we aren’t going anywhere. Even if Ben Carson, Mia Love, Kanye and others say pretty please.

We are here! We are aware! We are resolute!

Your Responsibility To Know Your Own History

Wrote slightly similar on a response to one of Dr. Ben Carson’s absurd comments about slavery. In that, I said I do not know anything of my lineage beyond my paternal grandfather and even that is sketchy. On the maternal side, just my grandmother. That grieves me, but here’s the balm. I am writing my father’s biography as best I can. It forced me to seek information and in doing so was astounded at what I did not know and how few we are who can face that past without rancor. It caused me to use my own language to describe the Mafaa and the murder of many people to get to the present. It helped me understand that Manifest Destiny was understood, across continents without having to state it.
No one has the responsibility to teach our history. Libraries are free!
What did my search do for me? Freed me. I do not hate or even resent the “other”. I do not accept Emancipation. It was, in fact, the abandonment of millions of mothers, fathers, and children in foreign lands without a dime…and the perpetrators had to be paid for the loss of their investments……think Haiti. That’s just one.