Fox and Fiends Nursery for Racial Propagandists

From the grow house to the White House.

By Leyland A. King

August 12, 2018

There has to be ardent competition over at Fox News. How else might one explain the frequency of that cluster of praters being themselves, the news? In the downward sprint to personal ignominy, Laura Ingram has overtaken former front runners Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Jeanie Pirro. Another place one might encounter such a congregate of practicing racists is at a Trump cabinet meeting.

A few days ago Laura Ingram, $15,000,000 a year, champion of “mis-speak” talked herself into another non-issue that some perceived as racist. I do not. Neither do I believe that her comments were racially insensitive. Ms Ingram’s thoughtless chatter was certainly halcyonic yearning and might have caused her Polish mother to cringe, but racist it was not. Her comments were just incredibly stupid. Yep, plain old, ordinary, unadulterated stupid made worst coming from the law school graduate that she is.

Clearly, America has every right to enforce its immigration laws. No contest there. But if anyone thinks that what’s being done is strictly about immigration and saving American jobs for Americans, well I doubt that mind could be open to reality.

I know of no supporting evidence that claims education militates against bigotry -racism, misogyny and similar human failings. What might be factual, is that the bigot improves the articulation and persuasiveness of his dialogue/argument. He becomes more adept at concealment of contrary information and his duplicitousness. Bigotry is an emotional response transferred to attitudes and actions. The bigot spends his life stewing in his own misanthropic misery and cannot rest until he has dragged others into the fetid pool with him.

What surprises -though every observation informs me that it should not- is the large number of people who live in a time when facts, cursory at least, are freely available to all, in minutes and much, much more may be had if wanted. Surely we can differ on interpretations of historical circumstances and social consequences, but to continue believing in an America that never, never was; confirm misbelieve via the mouths of people well paid to lie, is sad and absurd.

Ms Ingram spoke of her discomfort with America’s demographics; Tucker Carlson the frozen faced foxie, who had the shakes over an American Citizen from Democratic Republic of Congo “ingratitude” by daring to protest the unconscionable occurrences at the Southern border, all deliberately delivered to a segment who still believe that they arrived in an America where Mexicans, Chinese and Africans did not already exist and that the majority of the world’s population was White. Cripes, people, you cannot re-create something that never was.

Fox and Fiends Nursery for Racial Propagandists

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, There Was a Man Nicknamed Baghdad Bob

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders there was a man nicknamed Baghdad Bob

Sarah, why and from where we heard that adapted quote before? Seems so familiar.

Oh, yes, it was a bit like this: peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us (Israel).
You do realise, I assume, that the context in which you paraphrased what had been said and now used, is jarring and out of place. If you didn’t know, you should have, because you represent the White House.

If you did know and thought it apt, then America is deeper in political hell than I thought.

We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

― Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, (1896-1978)

What Hillary Has That Trumpers Can Never Understand

By Leyland A. King

Today, I was aghast as I saw the unfortunate GOP nominee Donald Trump, make his ill-advised pitch to Black voters. After his first sentence, I was so sorry for him, that I wished he would stop after that first insult. Basically he told us as politically incorrect as possible, that we are all poor. He spouted a lot of erroneous statistics and then came the vote-killing, “I mean, what have you got lose.” delivered as only a churlish New York gambler or shyster can make one an offer. 

Mr Trump worked very hard to out-do Ron Paul and Paul Ryan’s disasterous out-reach to Black voters. I am now settled in my belief that these blunders are inevitable as long as he continues to be schooled by Bill O’Reily, Shaun Hannity and others of the kind, who need to believe that the cocoon they lived in was real. Their cock-eyed world that believes Blacks vote as we do because we want free stuff. What do I have to lose? My life!

Until they know that Blacks in America have become exceptionly attentive to the unspoken, that they easily pick-up signs of racial bias, well, it’s your party’s wake. Until Trumpers replay the tapes of Hillary Clinton’s graciousness after loosing to Nominee Barak Obama; when they see through our eyes her own loyalty to the Democratic Party and rock-solid support for our president, you have missed the show and  its instruction on the virtue of loyalty.

No one talks about meritocracy more than GOPers. If they believed that, they’d vote for Secretary Clinton. Our vote for her stands despite the three decades of persecution and wilful waste of time and taxpayers money. Until you understand that we watched as you, Trump and cohorts kept up daily insults, demanding proof of citizenship and school records from our President. Worst, we watched him be insulted by gov Jan Brewer as GOPers cheered. We watched you vilify First Lady Michelle Obama.

Trumpers are mystified that hanging “untrustworthy” and “crooked Hillary”, and crude labels on Secretary Clinton has no effect on her support. That was the politics of the fifties and sixties. No politician would be stupid enough to refer to citizens constituencies by “Your schools…..your unemployment……your housing”, as if talking to a foreign population. That is why she will be President Clinton. That is why you, Mr Trump, unable to learn anything, will continue to be a buffoon at large, awaiting every federal judge in these United States for the rest of your vampiric life.