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Attorney General Says ‘Communities’ That Don’t ‘Respect’ Cops Could Lose Access to Law Enforcement | Colorlines

William Barr, while speaking to an audience filled with police officers, also said cops deserve to be cheered in the streets. — Read on http://www.colorlines.com/articles/attorney-general-says-communities-dont-respect-cops-could-lose-access-law-enforcement=CL_Direct_12_05_2019&utm_term=Attorney%20General%20Says%20%27Communities%27%20That%20Don%27t%20%27Respect%27%20Cops%20Could%20Lose%20Access%20to%20Law%20Enforcement&&utm_content=email&&

Criminal Justice Reform U.S.A.

An Awful Demonstration of Cruelty, Timidity, and Aversion to Change. Normal indicators suggest that Criminal Justice Reform (CJR) is not among priorities even on the Trump administration’s D- list. One might rightly conclude that the time and money expended so far, is either to appease the system’s critics or foot-drag the issue to 2020. Some […]