Freedom, Human Rights and Other Hypocrisies 

I woke up optimistic and went back to bed disillusioned. So I thought the least that I might do is bring attention to the plight of African-Americans caught up in America’s Criminal Justice System. An institution, if not by design, then surely by malice, IS determined to eliminate that particular segment of citizens. A protracted war could not have inflicted more suffering and human destruction. America’s Criminal Justice System is by practice, an evil institution. 

One hears grudging admissions such as “well, the system is overwhelmed.” Platitudes about reform and trust building initiatives. If you refuse to believe that America can sort a billion Chinese, to find one prisoner unjustly incarcerated, then vehemently condemn China at international forums, as we do much the same at home, then I’m with you, because it’s truly incredible. So, the attached, though fictional, is worth imagining. 


The Urgency Is This Moment 

  July 2, 2017

  By Leyland A.King

Book, like read are four letter words, that we don’t wish to hear. Too busy, we say. So I’ll brief.
Earlier this week I read a book titled, “Tyranny: Twenty Lessons From The Twentieth Century.” The author is Timothy Snyder. I saw many of his interviews and presentations. I have never met him and was never asked to endorse or promote his publication.

I purchased the deliberately inexpensive, simply worded book. It is available in traditional print options, ebook and audible If the world, particularly American’s, are not troubled by the parallels drawn for us by Mr. Snyder, it could not be that we are very brave and tough. It’s simply that we are comatose and might never hear his bell cry. So, please, read the thin, ninety-minute book or at least discuss it. We are running out of excuses, e.g, we didn’t know.

Thanks for your time. Have a great evening.