Is Trump a Blessing Tardy

Is Trump a Blessing, Tardy?

If the answer is yes, no, it depends, perhaps or I don’t know -Congratulations! You are an average American political bear in extended hibernation. All is well, you think. I wonder, is Trump a mirror held high by the Republicans for us to see what we are?

But there are American voters, the astute, agitated insomniacs, who see both the forest and the King, absent his new clothes. They are the ones who are sufficiently informed, outraged and don’t see Trump as an absurd aberration providing comic relief. They see the man AND context.

Trump, the puppet, is a distraction. We know his deficits. Let’s not look at the show. Look at the cast. They are not bumbling, ridiculous freaks for our entertainment. Seen objectively, they are very dangerous fiends with devilish designs. And that’s why the bear needs to get on it’s hind legs and fight like hell for the safety and integrity of America.

Let’s look again at the forest. It is wet and abhorrent, but we must force ourselves to look at the amoral thing and it’s organs.

Fox News, the White House Communications Corps, the numerous right wing buffoons with mics -all their media belch the same poisonous vapor. The language a collection of babble, but even that is fodder nourishing calculated confusion, suspicion, distrust, hatred and fear. The most important is fear.

The strategy is familiar; the result -infamous. It took years of chipping away at venerable institutions. Both Stalin and Hitler were Christians. The former educated for priesthood. Both were wildly popular. Both gluttons for blood. Kulaks and Jews became the enemy “justifiably” persecuted. That was before just anyone not “committed” enough would fill the slaughter quotas. Oh, yes, the horror’s path is always circular.

What commonalities are presently evident in America? 1. White supremacy 2. Deportations 3. Prison labor maximized 4. Demonization of the “other” 5. Irrational Nationalism 6. Attack and malign free speech. 7.Provoke useful fools to fury.

That of course is not all, but think about the daily propaganda, by shameless, sycophantic newsroom hacks, about the imaginary “Deep State.”, “Fake News”. The coup against Trump. Law and Order as solutions. The leader knows best.

Be alarmed. Nothing happens without a reason and phenomena do not disappear because eyes are closed. Our bear must get passionate and claw like hell.


January 26, 2018


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