The Guardian: Yemen reels under the weight of brutal cholera outbreak – in pictures

The Guardian: Yemen reels under the weight of brutal cholera outbreak – in pictures.

Again, we see a human catastrophe that didn’t have to be. This is yet another man made disaster quite preventable, if not totally avoidable.

Yemen is one of the most destitute countries on earth. It cannot manufacture the weapons it has, but worse is, that Yemen couldn’t have imagined  the devastating ordnance rained upon them.

This war, poverty and pestilence that the human race tolerates, and will not shed a tear for, is unconscionable. It will end as all wars do. But meanwhile, we lose a little more of our ability to empathize. Eventually, we won’t be human. Some kind of despicable monsters that inhabit what’s left of a sick planet, be our future most probable. Thanks to The Guardian for publishing this heartbreaking article.


These people are refugees. They are probably the most persecuted Muslim sect. They are Rohingya.

Scattered now in several countries. Why am I posting this on my blog? The answer is simple, I am doing what I could, to raise awareness and empathy for suffering people who happened to have the misfortune of being born on the wrong side of some river, are darker, poor, believe in the wrong God at wrong time in human history.

Whatever the contrivance that serves to explain the genocide that is happening this very day, just know this….-yes, it can happen to YOU.

Having discredited the United Nations, drawn the milk-teeth of the International Criminal Court and language manipulated e.g,migrant synonymous with rapists, I ask again, why do you think that this could not be YOU? Just in case you missed it, the genocide -the ethnic cleansing is being done by Myanmar’s military against its unarmed citizens. Rings any bells?!

Tom Price, Kellyanne Conway and others at the Monsters’ Ball

If there were a person undeserving of public honor, Kellyanne Conway is she. Ms. Conway didn’t get dragged into anything. In fact, all of the cronies have to have known that the expensive skulking off on a private plane, billed to taxpayers, was unethical.
Despite the fact that Trump tossed out ethics rules the first weeks he assumed office.
Not only that this administration is a mere step up from mobsters, and my expectations of them could get below a New York sewage drain, I’m still hopeful that decent people would find their flaunting objectionable enough to shun the lot of them.