Dictators Don’t Announce That They Are Dictators

Dictators don’t announce that they are dictators

Someone once said that dictators are usually invited by citizens, and like boorish, wearisome guests, they will not leave peacefully. The eviction almost never ends well.

Dictators are encouraged by weak, ambitious people who crave associations with power. They become a part of the centralized autocracies. Their loyalty to dictators supersedes knowledge and integrity. Fear becomes management.

Everything about a dictatorship is present in America today. Trump is a dictator. An overbearing, churlish, poorly educated individual still on training wheels, but nourished to excess he is rapidly growing in strength. How could this have happened? Who is responsible?

Sorry to say it, but you are. You Citizen Voter, and unlike demands for regime change and defense of democracy in the East, there is no other country capable and willing to root out Trump once he has been sufficiently metastasized.

How could this have happened, one asks. Try this: there is no American voter who has been raised outside of a bi-cameral system of government, compounded by no term limits, gerrymandering, and lifetime judicial appointments. I think that voters who continue “either-or” polemical discussions, tolerate “what-about-when” , morality, black or white, racialized and ethnocentricized actions bear much of the blame.

Watch “Rare Voter Fraud Sentence Could See Woman Deported” on YouTube

Would you not wish that this was a mistake, or that such evil was perpetrated by a deranged judge, who escaped from the Middle Ages?. Much more, wouldn’t you be outraged at the injustice that many of us refuse to see perched on benches, pretending respectability as judges all across America. But in addition to all my troubles, why do I see this happening, so far exclusively, to Black women and Latinas?


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Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, There Was a Man Nicknamed Baghdad Bob

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders there was a man nicknamed Baghdad Bob

Sarah, why and from where we heard that adapted quote before? Seems so familiar.

Oh, yes, it was a bit like this: peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us (Israel).
You do realise, I assume, that the context in which you paraphrased what had been said and now used, is jarring and out of place. If you didn’t know, you should have, because you represent the White House.

If you did know and thought it apt, then America is deeper in political hell than I thought.

We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

― Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, (1896-1978)

African-Americans do Not Need Trump’s Permission to Protest

African-Americans do Not Need Trump’s Permission to Protest

bluegadfly.com The one who feeds you, controls you.

True today as it’s always been.

I do understand that the players have to make a living and that they have contracts to honour. I just wonder, sometimes about the attorneys who represent them at the signing of these contracts and whether they know what rights given away?

But, let’s look at the fans. The fans who are enthralled with this or that player or team; the hundreds of thousands of people who make a living off the earnings of the athletes and the benefits to cities and the nation though tax revenues and so much more. All because of the players -not the owners.

I guess fans associate with the athlete, the image, not the man. Nope! Never with the Black human form.

Now, for those co-opted, who are wilfully confused; those who pretend not to have to decide: it’s about police brutality, police impunity to murder Black people in America and a criminal justice industry focused on our destruction through stultification.

If there is any doubt in your heart, two nights ago Trump, who has been on a dehumanising rant, finally spoke what’s in his malevolent, tiny, undeveloped mind. He said that if they won’t stand proudly for the national anthem, then they must get ouof the America. It can’t get clearer than that.

Well, Donald, piss on yourself, because we aren’t going anywhere. Even if Ben Carson, Mia Love, Kanye and others say pretty please.

We are here! We are aware! We are resolute!