Watch “Federal Prosecutors Caught Hiding Secret Deal With Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein” on YouTube

More evidence that the criminal justice system, as it is today, does not work for us.


Michael Cohen: Exhibit A, of Civic Virtue

I witnessed the House Oversight Committee’s Hearing, where former attorney and now convicted felon, Michael Cohen testified, on February 27, 2019. Chaired by Rep. Elijah Cummings. (D) Maryland, it was well- conducted, in my opinion. I thought it astounding in content and execution. As important was Mr. Cohen’s mea culpa moment that revealed the man’s […]

General Kelly Seems to be Anything but a Leader

General John Kelly misses no opportunity to prove that whatever skill-sets he must have had as a military commander, were not for him, transferable. Many others similarly qualified, have been able to adapt to new political positions and excelled there too. What could be the impediment to Gen. Kelly bringing fundamental principles of leadership to […]

Al Jazeera English: 🇺🇸 Colin Kaepernick wins Amnesty International top award | Al Jazeera English

Congratulations Colin Kaepernick, on your achievement and international recognition. You are an inspiration and will long be remembered for your sacrifice and tremendous courage. Thank you. Someday a smart child somewhere in the world might be puzzled to find the reason why African Americans, who do so much for America’s prestige and advancement, are appreciated […]

  I Love My Life  -Bruises, Balms and All

July 22, 2017 By Leyland A. King “A fine day, it is. I just love my life”. Say that randomly to colleagues, casual friends -amicable smiles accompanying- that’s your private space-protection, right there. No need for canned sardines and onions. Sometimes it seems that maudlin bests maturity and pragmatism. Even expectations. One might suppose that […]

Other Than the Glass Ceiling, what else must be Smashed?

First posted as “Is Feminism Mindful of Anything, Other Than the Glass Ceiling?” This article, I thought, should be reposted.I want to keep it fresh in memory because of this fact: in pre-industrial transport of materiel, we suffered horses, camels, elephants as our beasts of burden. And oh,yes as terrors of war. In the case […]

Mr. President, please take a second look

Over the last twenty four hours I received a few shocks from mainstream media and my much admired President Barack Obama. They concern the revelation of the Department of Justice’s report on occurrences in Ferguson, Missouri. They investigated complaints surrounding the death of Michael Brown and the overall conduct of the city’s Police. Sometime ago, […]

Cuba Embargo is Fifty-Five and Ready for Retirement

When you are armed and powerful; when vendetta drives policy; when concern for the never-satisfied-lobbyists becomes a part of inviolable cluster of priorities, we end up doing very unconscionable things. Problem is, times change. The U.S is not going to be #1 in global-death-delivery technology forever. This is the time to be most supportive of […]

For The Want Of A Government….

@Today, the news media reported extensively on the indictment of Scott Batterson, for bribery and soliciting unlawful compensation. Mr Batterson is on suspension from his position as a board member of Orange County Expressway Authority. It is believed that there are more indictments to follow. Without prejudging this issue, a small episode in the history […]