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To Gulliver’s Surprise 

This week, more than ever, I saw America’s government.  I really hope that I’ve seen the worst of its functioning, but a whisper in my ear cautioned me not to bet on that.

The truth, as I saw it, was so much like Gulliver’s tours, except for the shocking deviation, that after leaving Lilliput and all the little people, above whom he towered, he arrived at a place called Future Washington. There, to his dismay, he discovered that the inhabitants were much smaller than the Lilliputians. Gulliver then knew that people could be so much smaller than one could ever imagine, and much more trivial too.

Donald need not worry about draining his swamp. Instead of thoughts of wrestling out huge reptiles, almost larger than himself, a kitchen sieve would do just as well. But really, the greatest danger that infests the swamp are mosquitoes larvae that mimic minuscule politicians, lobbyists, and lawyers, while spreading corrupting disease.

  I Love My Life  -Bruises, Balms and All

July 22, 2017

By Leyland A. King

“A fine day, it is. I just love my life”. Say that randomly to colleagues, casual friends -amicable smiles accompanying- that’s your private space-protection, right there. No need for canned sardines and onions. Sometimes it seems that maudlin bests maturity and pragmatism. Even expectations. One might suppose that we wanted to avoid happiness, as much as we, do a bad cold.

I got more interested in the life-and-love business, after being impressed by what must be the absence of shoulders to cry on. Why was there so much hurting and complaining?  Well, I put on my Dear Abby hat and pseudo-empiricist eyeglasses then began counting certain keywords and phrases in social media communications. It was a challenge finding the few happy needles in the digital stack. I wail.

Done with reading mawkishness; watching trivial entertainment, play some she/he, done-me-wrong music, and salvation is now a bottle and a handkerchief. If that’s a choice in life, then keep in touch with a preferred undertaker. No fixer can enlighten and enliven, what amounts to an emotionally desolate place owned by another.

Is it that people want to be unhappy? Perhaps it’s not knowing what it is, that makes it so elusive, or could it be that our society stifles well-being? Whatever the case, with marketing bombards twenty-four seven, all gushing people having their happiness attributed to a brand, it’s no wonder that unhappiness wins. But let’s try and see if these few lines change anything, or at minimum invite thoughtful discussion.

Happiness is an emotional state not easily describable but within reach of everyone, rich or poor. It is a personal experience, and it’s rare. It is a state of serenity that is known immediately once arrived. Happiness cannot be pursued, just as being happy every day is a disappointing absurdity. An expectation that is unachievable except for princesses to be, who get carried off to castles. A simple way of thinking about happiness is by reflection on what are the words and images that you associate with feeling unhappy. Someone chose this surprising definition, found in, example: “Happiness is happiness.” It must have driven the author nuts.

I see so many statements about what “others” have done or said, to another. Dozens reply with enthusiastic “Amen.” Well, there’s that adage:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”
So said some delirious person on being admitted to hospital for long-term mental health care. Unable to distinguish between physical and mental pain, he was meandering his way through life morbidly distressed. Both words and stones might both be very injurious.

I could roam about morosely, surveying life’s landscapes for darkest clouds, below which I live nomadically. Questioned about my circumstances, I may claim that the malevolent cloud unfairly depresses me. Survive a bolt of lightning just so that I may cuss it later. (Oops, I got carried away there)

I am happy….at this moment. To be correct, I should say that I am usually a happy person, despite my own harpies. I am not deluded, sorry to disappoint. Sometimes, I do feel unhappy, most times contented; sometimes merry. But the episodes of happiness, are quite different. When they do unexpectedly, come, the moments are profound and memorable.

Create the conditions and wait. Happiness will come on its own time, and you’ll know it.

Well, what are the conditions, one might ask? That too is doable – think of a bountiful garden. Would it not be well cared, orderly, visually pleasing? Well, since weeds are more prolific and resilient than cultivated plants, the two cannot abide. Envy, strife, obsessions, regret, neglect of your own affairs, are each detrimental to one’s own emotional health. They are analogous to the garden’s weeds.

So, put down the burden where ever you are. Surrender the hurt to the time’s mist. Forgive others with all your heart, and most of all forgive yourself. And remember that even the sun has a fresh start every day.

Other Than the Glass Ceiling, what else must be Smashed?

First posted as “Is Feminism Mindful of Anything, Other Than the Glass Ceiling?”

This article, I thought, should be reposted.I want to keep it fresh in memory because of this fact: in pre-industrial transport of materiel, we suffered horses, camels, elephants as our beasts of burden. And oh,yes as terrors of war.
In the case of the latter, we now have more devastating, terrible life-ending machines. Some describe their flames and blasts as beautiful(say a prayer in any language) In the former instance i.e, large animals, they are less useful since they are expensive to keep. So, we revert to the more profitable -the human poor.

The people depicted in this article, have three of the worst misfortunes that might afflict any one. They are destitute; past sexual allure and they are abandoned.

As a former feminist, now morphing to anarchist, I say that this is condemnable. Had what comes subsequently been all, compassion would be my emotion towards them, and I could hope that their hardship is ameliorated soon. At least, that escape would allow me to be unbothered. I could opine that it is all a part of God’s mysterious plan. To assuage my angst, I may even adopt the see-no-evil excuse common in the United States. That is: the poor brought it upon themselves Yes, I could be comforted by any meme that provides an escape for my own soul.

But the emotion I feel is anger. Impotent rage-fulness as I try to find an actual target. I can’t. But unfairly regulated trade and finance are among the usual suspects. All that I can do is be an advocate, hoping that at least one person be jolted out of what served well for many years, i.e., that women are weak and blah, blah.  The heavy-lifting ‘mule-women’ of Melilla.

The women are shown in this article, courtesy of BBC News would need to have Lean-In, translated and explained to them. Explained, because it might be confused with a place to lean on, to rest their weary backs….just a little. To breathe regularly for a few minutes before the next trek with a spine crunching, unconscionable load.

These human beings need not worry about being “the only one in the room,” or any such. Bread is their immediate concern. Safety and housing never secure. All so mundane and acceptable. In some countries, had this life been an animal’s, an authority would have intervened.

Being unable to fix a valid target does not mean that we do nothing. Feminists can raise their collective voice; they can raise bloody hell; they can cause The Year of the Woman, held under the auspices of the United Nations to have more meaning. There is an opportunity for advocacy with media attention approaching  Make 2017 the revolutionary year of female labor, not a self-congratulatory event #BeBoldForChange.

This in no way excuses men of their duty to see wrong when it is happening outside of themselves. To not instigate and perpetuate the wrong experienced by so many. It is in everyone’s interest to have a world where, though equanimity is an idea, for the present safety, food and shelter can be afforded to all….and you can still have your caviar.





Mr. President, please take a second look

Over the last twenty four hours I received a few shocks from mainstream media and my much admired President Barack Obama. They concern the revelation of the Department of Justice’s report on occurrences in Ferguson, Missouri. They investigated complaints surrounding the death of Michael Brown and the overall conduct of the city’s Police.

Sometime ago, I posted two articles about President Obama on my hobby blog, The first, “Our Atlas Never Shrugged”, was a tribute to his ardent work despite undeserved hostility. The second, “Is Race President Obama’s Bogey Man”, well, that speaks for itself.  I state that because I do not take my citizen’s duty lightly and am writing to let our President,our party and DOJ know that though I laude the expeditious DOJ response to the situation, I am shocked about the apparent skittishness as to accountability and correction.

First the media. Why do you bother to have these roundtable discussions if you, our voice, sit and accept opinions that what is needed is better recruiting and training. Never heard such bull, but I dealt with that thinking on another post.

The second shock was to see my President, who is still to deal with the Bundys, stand at a town hall meeting tiptoeing around this Ferguson issue repeating the worn platitudes of e.g police have dangerous jobs (well Sir,so do fishermen, taxi drivers and construction workers) and basically telling us that Ferguson is an outlier. It is not! In fact, the acceptance of police brutality and criminal conduct is so routine and widespread that no one should be surprised that it took four days to get our Democratic Gov and the Mayor to even get involved, and when they did, it was to threaten us.

To date, Mr. President, after all the sacrifices of young people facing down a frightening military aching to do violence to them, all we have to show for it is one lowly employee fired for a racist e-mail, and a promise by FPD to cooperate in reform.

Lastly, Mr.President, the management of the entire justice system would make Tony Soprano green with envy. We do expect to see the FPD disbanded and its functions released to the County. We want to see the judges and prosecutors face condign action. We don’t need a reform, we don’t need a color change. We need redress.  

With respect and high regard, thank you.

James Baldwin: “by realizing first of all that the world is not white”

First, let me say good- Saturday- morning to you. I love your blog and particularly this post. I am sure that you are aware of the sensitivity related to the subject of race; that it is avoided unless one is assured the of sympathic reception by the other. If not we just yell just at each other.

I believe that there is a profound change happening and we have a choice on whether it will be peaceful or very violent. I hope for the former and do the little I can to make it happen.

A rare occasion is here for Whites to join in constructing a democratic, merit based society. Time to put meaningful laws in place that help and protect ALL. A state of true equality is attainable. We do not have to live as we are.

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