A National Emergency? When Did Gov. Christie & Rescuers Know That The Created Emergency Is Over Four Decades Old?

http://Opioid commission to Trump: Declare state of emergency – CNN.com http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/31/health/opioid-commission-emergency…/index.html 6 hours ago – Opioid commission tells Trump to declare state of emergency … to declare a national public health emergency to combat the ongoing crisis.Story highlights

  • The opioid commission recommends that Trump declare a public health emergency
  • The White House says it will “immediately” review the recommendation

(CNN)The White House panel examining the nation’s opioid epidemic has told President Trump to declare a national public health emergency to combat the ongoing crisis.

“Our citizens are dying. We must act boldly to stop it,” the commission, headed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, said in an interim report Monday. “The first and most urgent recommendation of this Commission is direct and completely within your control. Declare a national emergency.”

Alyssa Hogan Speaks of Domestic Violence, Murder, ​and Overcoming

Imagine your name in the news headlines “Prek Teacher Kills Husband”.
Yes, I, Alyssa Hogan was arrested for the ​2nd-degree​ murder of my husband and faced life in prison. At the time of my arrest, I had B.Sc., Criminal Justice major, and had worked several years in social services. I had four children, whose father was dead, and they were about to lose their mother. Jobless and homeless, I was lost and broken. I turned back to God, He had never failed me. I was a faithful servant, why had I gone through so much pain?

I was in a domestic violence relationship for 12 years, I loved him but lost me. I was obsessed with the idea of the perfect family. I reflected on my choices and decisions in life and discovered that I had repeated a pattern of my childhood experiences. I had devalued myself and sought men’s love. At age 17, I got my first child but I remained an honor roll student. Later I graduated from prestigious Florida State University.

While out on bail, women approached​ me, telling their story, and that they were praying for me. I researched cases of women in prison for the same charges, warning signs, statistics, and services in the community. I discovered the victims of domestic violence were re-victimized by their friends, family, society, and the criminal justice system. With my charges​ pending​, I could not obtain employment, housing, or life insurance.

Thanks to my faith in God, in 2016 I was acquitted of all charges based on Florida State’s “Stand Your Ground” law. People asked how I was doing so well and what was the secret to my happiness and success in my life? I began public speaking; my testimony experiential and philosophical. I found success in helping others to coach women toward clarity and focus, which brought them more energy, peace, and time for things that mattered in their lives.

Alyssa Hogan is an inspiring and transformative speaker. She specializes her advocacy in the following​ areas:

Keynote Speeches +Motivation + Domestic Violence + Rights Restoration + Business and Entrepreneurship + Leadership + Workshops+ Conferences
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My Dear U. S Government, Please Stop Trying to Save Me

By Leyland A. King June 10, 2017

After centuries of arduous work to give me freedom by saving me, I beg of you, please stop. The fact is, that when there is any rescuing done at all, the beneficiary is only you. For centuries!

Of course, external threats and domestic terror are exempt. That is your cardinal role, and even that needs rethinking, but it’s not my focus here. What are my focus and consternation are the sweat and treasure needlessly expended; all devoted to saving me from myself. I never made an appeal and I am so aware that even if I did, the remedy you concoct is too often detrimental to me and those similarly entangled in the widening, strengthening, all-consuming tentacled web flung upon me. Me! A person whose greatest vice is a weekend gelato and a pecan sticky bun.

You, having made vices crimes, then turn around and tax the very crimes.  I am flabbergasted that you could not have distinguished (1) the difference and (2) the consequence of the crimes you created.

Since our institutions follow your lead and adopt your worldview, one cannot be surprised that the sale of two cigarettes might be more important than human life; in your zeal to save me from myself, I pay the price through my insecurity and unceasing surveillance. Thus, I don’t have to actually engage the marijuana crime, it is sufficient to lose my personal freedom or life because a cop claimed to have smelled marijuana as he passed my car. Demanding that my constitutional rights are respected could bring upon me a swarm of law enforcers to kill me. I’m not exaggerating, this is what you have done to save me from potential vice. Me!

Gambling is a vice. You made it a crime. A few retirees and six slot machines in a storefront, bring hell’s coals upon them. Secretive sex; having a beer all by myself on my own driveway, could get me manhandled and arrested if a paper bag didn’t cover the bottle. Masked, armed men could break down my door and enter my home night or day and take me out or take me away because, I suppose, they think I am some sort of a combatant in the war on drugs.

The interesting thing is, despite my plea not to be saved from myself, you’re determined to do it anyway because you are obsessed with what you call law and order -what I hear as control and contain. We ask for jobs, you offer us 10,000 more cops. Not to be outdone your Attorney General, who has panic attacks at the mere mention of the word marijuana, called for increased prison time; more private prison space; he decided, based only on his addled notion, that the police need to be unfettered from such inconsequential matters as arbitrary arrests, detention, brutality, and murder.

So, as state governments grapple with pressing matters like drug testing the poor; increasing the rate of executions lest the chemicals expire; to shoot death row criminals because it’s cheaper, unhindered by pesky constitutionality, and trips back and forth to the Supreme Court. So, my dear rulers, I’m not asking for much, just to be left alone to self-regulate me.


Law, Order, Justice and Punishment

I vehemently oppose state sanctioned murder. State torture has already been normalized and extra judicial killings quite acceptable to too many Americans. This does not portend well for human beings but, it is not immutable.

That a sizeable portion of Americans see nothing wrong with the descent to morally primitive humanity troubles me deeply. My effort here is not to judge us, but to offer a pause for contemplation of what we are prepared to live with. I expect many to give token agreement, many to disagree for a variety of religious reasons, but I also expect that in the course of today about a dozen of my fellow citizens tell me that if I don’t like our perceived regression, then I should get out of the country. 

No, you won’t find statistical information here. It’s been there for generations, updated continually. There is no paucity of peer reviewed, evidence based literature available for the taking. Neither would this be moralistic preaching. We fall asleep on that. So what’s my goal? It is to remind us of our humanity. To point to absurdity and obfuscation of the issue, that allows public officials’ inanity to prevail.

This is indisputable: murder is the unlawful killing of a human being by another with malice aforethought. These are the keywords -unlawful; killing another; premeditation.

With that in mind, all that one needs to do is re-interpret the word unlawful. There are lots of work- around.

In Oklahoma, state officials are unashamed to relate to citizens that they have to speed up the rate of executions because the drug used for lethality have approaching expiration dates. I am not sure if the proper description is callousness or plain, undiluted stupidity.

In Florida, Governor Rick Scott, in his zeal to get another dozen killings in, perhaps to out-do Oklahoma’s depravity, removed all death penalty cases from elected attorney, Aramis Ayala, because she refused to seek the death penalty in the cases affected. If anyone should know the value of expiation, Scott is he.

Now that the supreme court is in recovery of its conscience, and ruling more often on appeals relative to cruel and unusual punishment, there is dawn apparent. But what do legislators do? They spend tremendous amounts of public founds going back and forth to the courts, fixing what was the technical impediment so that a year or two later they achieve their infamous objective, that is to say, not necessarily justice, but the killing.

The governors seem to have a prediliction for killing. They behave as if the law compels them to kill convicts. It does not. They have the authority to commute death sentences to life in prison. Our governors would have none of that. And that is where one might question their humanity.

Especially Now, Why Trust U.S Government With Capital Punishment



The Big White Ghetto: America’s Useful Secret

Today, while preparing some notes on another subject, it occurred to me that the state of Kentucky, U.S ranks near the bottom of human well-being scales on every measure: adult literacy, higher education, household income and others. Thirty-two percent of the families live below the federal poverty level thus qualifying for federal assistance.  Welfare.


How could this be, given the fact that ninety-five percent of the residents vote Republican?  That their Senator Mitch McConnell has been serving them in one official capacity or another, all of his working life. A person Kentucky voters have kept in the Senate for over thirty years consecutively. One who began in 1985 making $75,100 now earning $174,000. His average wealth of $22.8 million.

How did Mitch McConnell’s net worth soar?


So, since the White ghetto sees the Black Ghetto in distant, negative terms, it seems to me that our system, beneficial to neither group is maintained, people will continue to deeper poverty.

I tried to keep this short because the two links explain so much more.













A Patron Saint of Sexual Offenders

Why would anyone choose to be the patron saint of people so vile they really should burn in hell. There is no defence for that. Clearly, the perpetrator was fully aware of the abhorrence of his actions, yet did it anyway, despite the well-known consequences. The law has been broken and someone’s person violated. The law is the law.So we accuse, convict and sentence. For most felonies, including murder, it usually ends there. For the sexual offender his nightmare has just begun.

A sexual offender, is usually male and there is often great power disparity as to the victim. As females engage more in work outside the home, that involve juveniles, more of that gender come to public attention.But public outrage is somewhat muted when the offender is female and victim male. It is reflected in reporting, prosecution and sentencing.

Sexual offences are, well, unforgivable by the state. Sometimes by kin and maybe by the victim, but they never escape their Scarlet Letter. All crimes have mitigating contexts, but sexual atrociousness, never.

Never, until the offender is discovered where the majority of sexual violations occur. In the home. Our positions soften a little, after-all, now we are confronting a son, mother, father and many of the loved ones that share our home. Now there is a person. The object is not so vile a creature anymore…to them.

So I would be the patron saint to sexual offenders. They get longer prison sentences and harsh treatment in prison. Some are beaten, raped or killed. Most spend their time in isolation. Their humanity subtracted.

On release, they register indelibly, are restricted as to where they may live and of course are unemployable. They are despised, hounded and friend-less. Constantly burdened by new, sometimes silly, legal codes. Driven to homelessness and cannot stop the downward drift. An irredeemable human being; God’s child, condemned to living death.

So, You Saw “The Homeless”….Then What?

Potaro335 January 3, 2014 at 5:35 PM

Today I read an article titled “Senator Spends Day Off With Homeless Man For A Lesson You Can’t Learn From An Office”. Linked to “Homelessness” by Eleanor Goldberg.
Clearly, the composition was not about the victim, anonym Nick, nor about the phenomenon our society struggles with. It was all about the Senator, Chris Murphy (D-CT). The good gentleman wanted spend his day off following Nick to get a glimpse of homelessness in Connecticut. Equipped with his smartphone, Sen Murphy began his day at 7.30 AM and tweeted his adventure throughout the 8 hours he spent with the unfortunate man, concluding later that he was “inspired” by Nick’s “determination and his resolve to move forward”. The Senator declared the situation “unacceptable” and so on and so on in PoliticalSpeak.

Apart for the foolishness of the Senator’s adventuring, this is what got me dispirited: the pretence and faked outrage. Sir, you could have been well rested for that day you wasted by just opening your eyes to SEE, on your daily commute. Look beneath the bridges, swish by the alleyways, the bus stops, the convenience stores and the extended stay hotels. Yes, you went to the library and the soup kitchen, did you think the bundle of rags in human form on the park bench was there for fresh air and recreation? Did you need to know that his father used crack? What is the connection, the stratum you are looking at cannot support the billions of dollars in the drug trade. Sir, most of the homeless humans are children and the working poor. Just pickup the phone and speak with a few school guidance counselors or social workers. (if there are any left). Speak with your waitress, you just might be surprised. But for goodness sake stop politiking, I’m already cynical we do not need more. You cannot get a glimpse of the loss of hope.