Teen killed by stray bullet while police fire at dog during response to ‘loud music’

Authored by Sam Levin, of San Francisco. Published by The Guardian on June 23, 2017. See link below.

Sometimes one feels the urgent, compelling need to scream. At least somebody would hear. Sure, that might relieve outrage, anger, and disappointment, until tomorrow when the same thoughtlessness repeats and another family grieves. But citizens are not merely frustrated, the scream will be heard, citizens want authorities to listen and to act positively. It is a public safety issue that words directly from Attorney General, Jeff Sessions tells that he doesn’t know or want to learn, about very serious occurrences taking place in the United States. This is not a training issue.

Teen killed by stray bullet while police fire at dog during response to ‘loud music’  

My Dear U. S Government, Please Stop Trying to Save Me From Myself

By Leyland A. King

September 30, 2017

After centuries of arduous work to give me freedom by saving me, I beg of you, please stop. Stop! The fact is, that when there is any rescuing done at all, the beneficiary is only you. For centuries! Heavenly inspired you were, to rescue my body from the heathens in Africa, but then changed the rules for my getting to heaven because you said, God wasn’t yet convinced and comfortable, with the question of whether (1) I had a soul, and (2) whether it was worth saving.

Of course, external threats and domestic terror are exempt. That is your cardinal role, and even that needs rethinking, but it’s not my focus here. What are my focus and consternation are the sweat and treasure needlessly expended; all devoted to saving me from myself. I never made an appeal and I am so aware that even if I did, the remedy you concoct is too often detrimental to me and those similarly entangled in the widening, strengthening, all-consuming tentacled web flung upon me. Me! A person whose greatest vice is a weekend gelato and a pecan sticky bun.

You, having made vices crimes, then turn around and tax the very crimes.  I am flabbergasted that you could not have distinguished (1) the difference and (2) the consequence of the crimes you created. Oh, you’re regulating the vices to prevent their proliferation. Sorry. My friend, the neighborhood half-wit, alleged that you, the government, is a pimp. He said that a pimp is defined by what he does to enable and protect, paid sexual intercourse between consenting adults. You tax the product and intellectual property rights of sex workers and producers. Therefore, argues the half-wit, you are the worst kind of pimp and the best at managing it. When business is slow, you send goons to employ various means of entrapping and prosecuting the poor ones. The arrested pay for the meals the judge eats. That’s called fines. The legal name you created for it is “living off the earnings of prostitution.” That the government the kingpin pimp.

My friend, the neighborhood half-wit, alleged that you, the government, are a pimp. He said that a pimp is defined by what he does to enable and protect, paid sexual intercourse between consenting adults. You tax the product and intellectual property rights of sex workers and producers. Therefore, argues the half-wit, you are the worst kind of pimp and the best at managing it. When business is slow, you send goons to employ various means of entrapping and prosecuting the poor ones. The arrested pay for the meals the judge eats. That’s called fines. The legal name you created for it is “living off the earnings of prostitution.” That means the government the kingpin pimp.

Since our institutions follow your lead and adopt your worldview, one cannot be surprised that the sale of two cigarettes might be more important than human life; in your zeal to save me from myself, I pay the price through my insecurity and unceasing surveillance. Thus, I don’t have to actually engage marijuana crime, it is sufficient to lose my personal freedom or life because a cop claimed to have smelled marijuana as he passed my car. Demanding that my constitutional rights and God-given right to own and control my body are respected could bring upon me a swarm of law enforcers to kill me. I’m not exaggerating, this is what you have done to save me from potential vice. Me!

Look, gambling is a vice. You made it a crime. A few retirees and six slot machines in a storefront, bring hell’s coals delivered upon their grey heads, by men in blue carrying sticks, chemicals, and guns.

Secretive sex; having a beer all by myself on my own driveway, could get me manhandled and arrested if a paper bag didn’t cover the bottle. WTF! Masked, armed men could, without warning or warrant, break down my door and enter my home night or day and take me out or take me away, and take my money, because, I suppose, they think I am some sort of a combatant in the war on drugs. Their supposition based on your decision that I am a danger to myself and a corrupter of society. Me? All by myself.

The interesting thing is, despite my plea not to be saved from myself, you’re determined to do it anyway because you are obsessed with what you call law and order -what I hear as control and contain. We ask for jobs, you offer us 10,000 more cops. Four-fifths of them White males. Not to be outdone your Attorney General, who has panic attacks at the mere mention of the word marijuana, called for increased prison time; more private prison space; he decided, based only on his addled notion, that the police need to be unfettered from such inconsequential matters as arbitrary arrests, excessive detention, brutality, and murder. After all, they are there protecting me from social degeneration, that started the day the government decided that something ought to be done about enhancing the flow drugs into my body.

So, as state governments grapple with pressing matters like drug testing the poor, to catch one in a thousand; increasing the rate of executions lest the chemicals expire; to shoot death row criminals because it’s cheaper, unhindered by pesky constitutionality, trips back and forth to the Supreme Court or the innocence of the citizen who invariably, just happens to be poor.

So, my dear rulers, I’m not asking for much, just to be left alone to self-regulate me. Something that only you believe corporations are capable of. Why not me?


America’s Most Dangerous Place For Black Women 

img_0108 Someone was sufficiently concerned to bring attention to this continuing tragedy: that is, deaths of African-American women who come in contact with the United States Criminal Justice System. The caption above says these five citizens died while in custody in the month of July 2015. In fact, referencing the dates of demise they occurred within just two weeks in July 2015.

I am speaking up for all citizens, even those who would never acknowledge the atrocity and feel that this is necessary for the protection of our morally unblemished population. What hurts and angers me, are two responses, each equally as repulsive. The first is that not one of the subjects had to be incarcerated. Not one! Let’s look closer. Two died as a result of the economic crime of shoplifting. One, Sandra Bland, died for no reason other than activating a traffic turn signal, which she was not even required to do. So it seems that only two of the women might have committed offenses where arrests were necessary. But even so, there is this thing called bond that never gets extended to African-Americans. Innocent until proven guilty never apply to us. The second is Americans refusal to see what the world, including the United Nations, see clearly.

On Native-American females dying in the American Criminal Justice system, it is reportedly worse. Their mistreatment and fatalities are just as unconscionable. The deaths in American institutions would be serial killers’ dreams. The horror is hardly given the media coverage deserved. But, more sickening is the justification offered every time the failure to protect those hauled into custody gets brought to public attention through social media, the American Citizens’ twisted logic centers on this: the person must have done something to deserve their death, for example stealing orange juice.

For African-American, male citizens, the most dangerous place to be in America is related to the street. Whether pedestrian or conveyed. Just breathing can get you arrested and if you protest the injustice, as one should, ten more of arms of justice arrive to ensure that citizen dies or have a near death experience. These are not mistakes. It is not the institution. People are doing this. Individuals with names, with or without badges, judges, state attorneys. All are complicit in this human debasement.

Sadly, this is what is. This is not what will be.

What Hillary Has That Trumpers Can Never Understand

By Leyland A. King

Today, I was aghast as I saw the unfortunate GOP nominee Donald Trump, make his ill-advised pitch to Black voters. After his first sentence, I was so sorry for him, that I wished he would stop after that first insult. Basically he told us as politically incorrect as possible, that we are all poor. He spouted a lot of erroneous statistics and then came the vote-killing, “I mean, what have you got lose.” delivered as only a churlish New York gambler or shyster can make one an offer. 

Mr Trump worked very hard to out-do Ron Paul and Paul Ryan’s disasterous out-reach to Black voters. I am now settled in my belief that these blunders are inevitable as long as he continues to be schooled by Bill O’Reily, Shaun Hannity and others of the kind, who need to believe that the cocoon they lived in was real. Their cock-eyed world that believes Blacks vote as we do because we want free stuff. What do I have to lose? My life!

Until they know that Blacks in America have become exceptionly attentive to the unspoken, that they easily pick-up signs of racial bias, well, it’s your party’s wake. Until Trumpers replay the tapes of Hillary Clinton’s graciousness after loosing to Nominee Barak Obama; when they see through our eyes her own loyalty to the Democratic Party and rock-solid support for our president, you have missed the show and  its instruction on the virtue of loyalty.

No one talks about meritocracy more than GOPers. If they believed that, they’d vote for Secretary Clinton. Our vote for her stands despite the three decades of persecution and wilful waste of time and taxpayers money. Until you understand that we watched as you, Trump and cohorts kept up daily insults, demanding proof of citizenship and school records from our President. Worst, we watched him be insulted by gov Jan Brewer as GOPers cheered. We watched you vilify First Lady Michelle Obama.

Trumpers are mystified that hanging “untrustworthy” and “crooked Hillary”, and crude labels on Secretary Clinton has no effect on her support. That was the politics of the fifties and sixties. No politician would be stupid enough to refer to citizens constituencies by “Your schools…..your unemployment……your housing”, as if talking to a foreign population. That is why she will be President Clinton. That is why you, Mr Trump, unable to learn anything, will continue to be a buffoon at large, awaiting every federal judge in these United States for the rest of your vampiric life.


July 31, 2016

By Leyland A. King

This may not be the best time to share a true story of contact of any kind with a police officer. Rifts between communities and police have widened; so many refusing to see and understand the issues. But most despicable are those who appear to have perverted interests in aggravating an already tense situation. But no time is inopportune when one is obligated by citizenship, compelled by humanity, to help bring a socially distressing situation to relief. I hope this helps.

My friend and I were sitting on the concrete steps of a church. We were about 18 years old and never got into trouble. Not even at school. We sat there waiting on a class scheduled for 6.00 pm. Waiting on a class, soon became nothing but loitering, because by 6.30 pm it was evident that the teacher wasn’t coming. So we sat and bantered, spicing the dialogue with content so foul a teen would envy the mastery of linking cuss.

In the twilight, a woman walked by a few feet from us. She appeared to be going grocery shopping. Just as we paid her no mind, it was the same for the tall, clean-shaven,thirtysomething man approaching from the direction she went. He wore dark slacks and short-sleeved shirt boasting a print design.

“Police.” He said. “What y’all doing here?”

For brevity, let’s skip the dialogue and our confusion. This was a man one would not even think of running from. He had complete control. He arrested us and took us to the nearby station. There he told us why we were arrested. The charge contemplated was disorderly behaviour and indecent language. We protested our innocence while he moved some ledgers around. I thought of my mother. When we get into trouble, we usually think of our mothers.  Two men watched us through the bars of the lock-ups.

The policeman, a sergeant it turned out, asked to see our books, from which he verified our names, addresses and that we were enrolled in a class. Then he gave us a warning so stern I remember it to this day. As we tucked our tails and headed home, I thought of how lucky we were. He said, “I could charge you. I heard you all the way from the road. And, on the church steps?! Have you no respect?” He went on to tell us of the consequences for our future should he take us to court. He knew that shaming the behaviour would suffice. He did not have a quota to fill. He had no personal need to gratify.
Why do I remember him so many years later? What I do know is this: many doors would have been closed to me, had he laid those charges. I joined the police force two years later and had very successful careers.

I neither fear nor hate the police. I must admit that I am angry at them, but as a collective. Their behaviour is appalling. I do not trust or respect them. My feelings are rooted in my personal experiences with law enforcement in America.

But after all the promises, prayers, threats, insults are done; regardless of the vitriol spewed, I hope that we can agree on these truths (1) That the uniform policeman is merely the very visible part of a morally gangrenous justice system and public administration. (2) He/she is abused by a governing system that would corrupt a Saint.  (3) A society gets the quality of administrative institutions it deserves.

The profession has been allowed to rot from without and from within. The misuse of police as armed revenue collectors, escorts, lackeys, school sitters, fundraisers, unaccountable warriors on drugs, have easily morphed to enemies of the citizenry.
His training and professional development sacrificed, his management long ago abrogated oversight, he became just a peevish man with a gun. A pacifier misunderstanding his true, professional role in society.

Police in any country, have tremendous coercive power. How they project and use that power is the crux of what we face in America. Police also have deterrent and discretionary power. Where the emphasis is placed in the social contract between government and citizens will determine, over the years, the kind of police bureaucracy and policeman we get.

DOJ Unable To Get Data On Police Involved Killings


The Government of the United States should be so ashamed at every level. “Some police agencies don’t cooperate”? Well, who the bleep is in charge?Every state has a Governor, yet we don’t know

The government can tell me how many bears, bison, turtles, eagles killed or endangered, yet can’t get data that the Guardian is able to get.   

This is nothing controversial, nothing sinister or complex. This is the bleeping duty of government. I am so outraged.