When Public Officials Misplace Loyalty, Institutions Collapse

Today, like many Americans, I took the time to witness the Senate Intelligence Committee at work. They did their inquiry as best they could, under the circumstances.

By under the circumstances, I mean their determined efforts to get to the truth of various, potentially criminal matters affecting the Trump Administration, only to be stymied by the four public officers who answer to the American people. It was shameful and appalling. I hope that this nation is still able to function as under previous Administrations. They, the four witnesses appeared to me that they would be prepared to suffer anything to protect what they believe to be their personal property. The Senators be damned…and the citizens too. But of the four lame witnesses, I have to give special attention to Adm. Mike Rodgers, a rude and surly person by demeanor and arrogant with regard to personality. For a member of our armed services, he was the bad kid next door, that our parents warned us never to adapt his behavior. For junior members of the services, Admiral Rodgers is surely no officer and a gentleman.

We can look at what’s happening and fight over which party to blame and make comparisons to excuse wrongdoing for only so long. I believe that if our leaders don’t come to their senses, the fight may not be between Republicans and Democrats, there just might be the third faction.



Name it and it Shall be: globalization and new Fears


Common knowledge it is that words have different meanings to different people at particular times and circumstances, as well. Not so clear, are connections between words and emotive reactions they provoke. One may swoon or evidence physically aggressive behaviors, not to just what was said, but to their understanding of the statement. For brevity and simplicity, it might be agreed that, at least in some cases, words are stimuli.

There are many psychological studies, based on word associations that help explain the phenomenon. Indeed there is much literature documenting the sway of opinions, of political outcomes based on particular usage at the right places and times that generate results desired, such as -solidarity, disdain, pacification, fear, withdrawal or rage. In some instances, deliberate confusion. Today ‘Globalization’, is one such potent word. Where some hear opportunities, others perceive sudden, tremendous calamities, personal losses, armed conflicts or even existential biblical fulfillment.

The thing…

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