Teen killed by stray bullet while police fire at dog during response to ‘loud music’

Authored by Sam Levin, of San Francisco. Published by The Guardian on June 23, 2017. See link below.

Sometimes one feels the urgent, compelling need to scream. At least somebody would hear. Sure, that might relieve outrage, anger and disappointment, until tomorrow when the same thoughtlessness repeats and another family grieves. But citizens are not merely frustrated, the scream will be heard, citizens want authorities to listen and to act positively. It is a public safety issue that words directly from Attorney General, Jeff Sessions tells that he doesn’t know or want to learn, about very serious occurrences taking place in the United States. This is not a training issue.

Teen killed by stray bullet while police fire at dog during response to ‘loud music’  


Why is Trump Bullying Cuba? Human Rights Never Bothered Him Before Reposted–  (Another Opportunity For a Display of American Weakness)

By Leyland A.King
June 14, 2017

I do my best to keep up with the mystifying politics and personality of Donald Trump. I have to. The last century is chock full of instructive episodes of human destructiveness. One does not have to look closely to see the lessons which mankind might have to learn all over again.

There is much to worry about, but just for today, I want to focus on one of the issues that have had slight attention. It is the posturing again over Cuba. An independent country situated in the northern Caribbean. It does not threaten any country and for generations live in peace with its neighbors.

Shortly after President Barack Obama and Cuban authorities announced and began normalizing relations, culminating in his productive visit to Cuba, opening ties leading to changes in the status of travel, repatriated funds, diplomatic channels, business investment and much more. There was joy Cuba. And hope for a better life for its eleven million citizens. Quickly, the howling started in America.


Governor(R) Cris Cristie bellowed his outrage. He claimed that the agreement should not have been made until Cuba hands over all Americans asylum there. Something the U.S never considered reciprocally.

Senator(R) Marco Rubio after his recovery from shock piped up with five decades old political rhetoric that he has to know won’t bear fruit. He hopes that his constituents don’t know that.

Governor(R) Rick Scott of Florida, a state hoping to be the major trade hub of America -sea, and land- revealed his indignation and vowed to reinstate the embargo on the people of Cuba.

The hypocrisy would be jarring, were it not originating from Trump’s GOP. With millions of people in American jails and disenfranchisement normalized, that freedom and democracy thing is as hollow as a suit in the Capitol.

But Donald Trump, the granddaddy of political and business disasters, chimed in this week with a statement that has dire consequences for over eleven million people in Cuba. It must be noted that Trump’s companies, like many others, reportedly violated United States law vis-a-vis sanctions against Cuba.

This is wrong. It is morally and ethically wrong. It is incumbent on just citizens of America to speak up, despite the certainty that we’ll be ignored anyway.

The United States put an economic embargo on Cuba 55 to 57 years ago. The international community of nations strenuously objected. It did not matter to us. Cuba was later put on the U.S list as state sponsors of terrorism. The rationale eludes me. There has been no successful lobbying on Cuba’s behalf. Nothing stops the lawless coercion and re-isolation of Cuba, by only the United States.

Today, the European Union are the largest foreign investors in Cuba. Many other countries enjoy opportunities for investment. So what is Trump’s issue? It’s definitely not the stated freedom and democracy for the Cuban people; the nation is no threat to the U.S or the international community. The people who do not have the freedom to travel to Cuba at will are the American people. Over 100 countries do not need a visa to travel to and in Cuba. What is this freedom we boast about then?

Yes, I’ll make a wild, incredible guess. Trump will dialogue with Cuba, the embargo will be lifted and suddenly there are lucrative Trump Towers and Trump entertain venues dominating the beautiful island’s cities and coasts as America brings them democracy and freedom….yet again!


My Dear U. S Government, Please Stop Trying to Save Me

By Leyland A. King June 10, 2017

After centuries of arduous work to give me freedom by saving me, I beg of you, please stop. The fact is, that when there is any rescuing done at all, the beneficiary is only you. For centuries!

Of course, external threats and domestic terror are exempt. That is your cardinal role, and even that needs rethinking, but it’s not my focus here. What are my focus and consternation are the sweat and treasure needlessly expended; all devoted to saving me from myself. I never made an appeal and I am so aware that even if I did, the remedy you concoct is too often detrimental to me and those similarly entangled in the widening, strengthening, all-consuming tentacled web flung upon me. Me! A person whose greatest vice is a weekend gelato and a pecan sticky bun.

You, having made vices crimes, then turn around and tax the very crimes.  I am flabbergasted that you could not have distinguished (1) the difference and (2) the consequence of the crimes you created.

Since our institutions follow your lead and adopt your worldview, one cannot be surprised that the sale of two cigarettes might be more important than human life; in your zeal to save me from myself, I pay the price through my insecurity and unceasing surveillance. Thus, I don’t have to actually engage the marijuana crime, it is sufficient to lose my personal freedom or life because a cop claimed to have smelled marijuana as he passed my car. Demanding that my constitutional rights are respected could bring upon me a swarm of law enforcers to kill me. I’m not exaggerating, this is what you have done to save me from potential vice. Me!

Gambling is a vice. You made it a crime. A few retirees and six slot machines in a storefront, bring hell’s coals upon them. Secretive sex; having a beer all by myself on my own driveway, could get me manhandled and arrested if a paper bag didn’t cover the bottle. Masked, armed men could break down my door and enter my home night or day and take me out or take me away because, I suppose, they think I am some sort of a combatant in the war on drugs.

The interesting thing is, despite my plea not to be saved from myself, you’re determined to do it anyway because you are obsessed with what you call law and order -what I hear as control and contain. We ask for jobs, you offer us 10,000 more cops. Not to be outdone your Attorney General, who has panic attacks at the mere mention of the word marijuana, called for increased prison time; more private prison space; he decided, based only on his addled notion, that the police need to be unfettered from such inconsequential matters as arbitrary arrests, detention, brutality, and murder.

So, as state governments grapple with pressing matters like drug testing the poor; increasing the rate of executions lest the chemicals expire; to shoot death row criminals because it’s cheaper, unhindered by pesky constitutionality, and trips back and forth to the Supreme Court. So, my dear rulers, I’m not asking for much, just to be left alone to self-regulate me.


Law, Order, Justice and Punishment

I vehemently oppose state sanctioned murder. State torture has already been normalized and extra judicial killings quite acceptable to too many Americans. This does not portend well for human beings but, it is not immutable.

That a sizeable portion of Americans see nothing wrong with the descent to morally primitive humanity troubles me deeply. My effort here is not to judge us, but to offer a pause for contemplation of what we are prepared to live with. I expect many to give token agreement, many to disagree for a variety of religious reasons, but I also expect that in the course of today about a dozen of my fellow citizens tell me that if I don’t like our perceived regression, then I should get out of the country. 

No, you won’t find statistical information here. It’s been there for generations, updated continually. There is no paucity of peer reviewed, evidence based literature available for the taking. Neither would this be moralistic preaching. We fall asleep on that. So what’s my goal? It is to remind us of our humanity. To point to absurdity and obfuscation of the issue, that allows public officials’ inanity to prevail.

This is indisputable: murder is the unlawful killing of a human being by another with malice aforethought. These are the keywords -unlawful; killing another; premeditation.

With that in mind, all that one needs to do is re-interpret the word unlawful. There are lots of work- around.

In Oklahoma, state officials are unashamed to relate to citizens that they have to speed up the rate of executions because the drug used for lethality have approaching expiration dates. I am not sure if the proper description is callousness or plain, undiluted stupidity.

In Florida, Governor Rick Scott, in his zeal to get another dozen killings in, perhaps to out-do Oklahoma’s depravity, removed all death penalty cases from elected attorney, Aramis Ayala, because she refused to seek the death penalty in the cases affected. If anyone should know the value of expiation, Scott is he.

Now that the supreme court is in recovery of its conscience, and ruling more often on appeals relative to cruel and unusual punishment, there is dawn apparent. But what do legislators do? They spend tremendous amounts of public founds going back and forth to the courts, fixing what was the technical impediment so that a year or two later they achieve their infamous objective, that is to say, not necessarily justice, but the killing.

The governors seem to have a prediliction for killing. They behave as if the law compels them to kill convicts. It does not. They have the authority to commute death sentences to life in prison. Our governors would have none of that. And that is where one might question their humanity.

Especially Now, Why Trust U.S Government With Capital Punishment



Crush This Monster in the Egg​

“What a terrible era in which idiots govern the blind”
-William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

I wonder if there is anything Trump’s followers are not willing to put up with. My own concerns are about what is evident today, and impending threats to our future.

When Trump’s surrogates express contempt for the constitution, the courts and media, yet Trump and GOP, by timidity or stupidity embraced those actions- be alarmed.

Said one: “Everyone……will have to bow down to Donald….the greatest man in the universe.”

Another surrogate: “The President’s authority will not be questioned.” That was yet another idiot needing a job. He was speaking about recent actions of the judiciary.

None, none of those chilling remarks, and other more subtle threats were ever discouraged by the President or the ruling Republican party. And by the way, don’t forget the recent photograph of Trump’s flag atop a military convoy traveling on the highway in the United States.

Yes, Trump doesn’t have much education, but neither did Idi Amin, former President of Uganda. The latter started with mass deportation of Asians. We know how it ended. Note that the slaughter and disappearances were indiscriminate. One can never be sufficiently loyal to any dictator. What is so special about America, that would lead anyone to believe that a fascist state of White Nationalism is so remote a possibility?

There is a conjecture I might make, based on a large number​ of American citizens encountered on social media defending each and every action of the Trump administration. Do those people truly believe that their race or party affiliation would make them safe? Stalin and Mao disproved that.

Nothing is sacrosanct​ and no one is safe in autocracies.

After Trump and GOP Run Out of Mexicans and Muslims

The professional politicians often refer to dog whistles, the coded talk meant to be understood by a select group. Nothing new, to most Americans. That has been our politics historically, and I see every reason to believe that it continues. Yes, there might be more subtleties, but it’s there lurking, a beast ready for the call to duty. Again.

I assume that the reader is acquainted with counsel of history and does not need the pledge of never again, which gets quoted selectively. Eliezer Wiesel’s “Not caring is the worst evil.” is not as memorable when the threat is directed at someone else. Could it be human nature?

I am witnessing very troubling behaviors, too many to itemize just for this purpose. I am not singular in what I witness, and I am not that naive as to doubt there is an ultimate plan unfolding. Donald Trump is not that intelligent, and the collective energy of the surrogates has never before been so concentrated, arduous and fanatical.

Trump and the Republican Party, now indistinguishable, have been demonizing every minority group since the election of President Barack Obama with unceasing hostility. Truth has long since been altered and ignored.

Do you recall the almost daily murders of Black men and women by the police? Oh yes, I said murders. Black people protested, were taunted and not many fellow citizens cared that journalists were arrested on various lies the criminal justice system called charges. So, out there by themselves, the dogs were let loose. Half the country approved by either silence or ridicule of the whole race.

Then a curious thing happened. There were calls and petitions for the visible group #BlackLivesMatter to be declared a terrorist organization.Some states drafted emergency legislation, not to stop the murders, but to criminalize protests. Peaceful demonstrations were then regarded as felonious, and a new tag was applied. Economic Terrorism!

Into that race-biased cesspool of stimulated fear, arrived the Beast-in-Chief Donald Trump, with a promise that he will restore law and order and bring back respect for the police. He made inflammatory statements that crime has skyrocketed and America is especially under threat from Mexicans and Muslims. The deportations have started, three executive orders were signed to fight crime and another of the reputed racists, Jeff Sessions, now attorney general, was charged with the responsibility of creating a task force to include Department of Homeland Security. Any objective person could see that the United States is destabilized and ought to know that with the judiciary under attack, which minority group becomes the next target after the Mexicans and Muslims flee.

So, I ask my fellow citizens, having seen what occurred in just three weeks, with the acquiescence of the Republican party, could Trump have done this, given his limitations and will you also deny the sounds of whistles, roars, and screams?​