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Attorney General Says ‘Communities’ That Don’t ‘Respect’ Cops Could Lose Access to Law Enforcement | Colorlines

William Barr, while speaking to an audience filled with police officers, also said cops deserve to be cheered in the streets. — Read on http://www.colorlines.com/articles/attorney-general-says-communities-dont-respect-cops-could-lose-access-law-enforcement=CL_Direct_12_05_2019&utm_term=Attorney%20General%20Says%20%27Communities%27%20That%20Don%27t%20%27Respect%27%20Cops%20Could%20Lose%20Access%20to%20Law%20Enforcement&&utm_content=email&&

There is an Ugliness Rising

  http://BlueGadfly.com/there_is_an_Uglyness_Rising/   So Says the Wary, She                    By Leyland A. King November 10, 2019    Intuitiveness, gut feelings, call it what you want, but good judgement by way of reason; instances of atypical foresight all deserve consideration. Nothing much happens when the optimist is proven […]

That Third of America Which Craves a King

A reflection on the article, For the Want of a Leader No society can integrate amid shameless disinformation’s babble, sowing hostility and mistrust. Ethics,  be gone. Would hope exit too? Who could assure us such will not occur  -a self-crowned king, or a dictator. One might surmise, that if our Constitution’s protectors, fear to step […]

For the Want of a Leader

America’s Choice of Isolation and Low Expectations In America’s vortex of what is acceptable politics, fury and hate drive any related discussion one terminal way -downwards- to a place where fact, fiction, pandering, denial of evidence, and gross lies cluster, brood and capriciously rule. I believe that behind the face of Trump’s Republican party, nests […]

Does America’s Courts Deserve Citizens’ Respect?

Does America’s Courts Deserve Citizens’ Respect? Usually one would not begin with a conclusion, but with all qualitative standards fast diminishing, I guess it’s hard to find tastes to offend. But I’ll refrain. When eyes were gullible, Americans looked to its Judiciary for guidance. The courts gave legitimacy, seeming impartiality and authority. In return Americans […]