That Third of America Which Craves a King

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A reflection on the article, For the Want of a Leader

No society can integrate amid shameless disinformation’s babble, sowing hostility and mistrust. Ethics,  be gone. Would hope exit too? Who could assure us such will not occur  -a self-crowned king, or a dictator. One might surmise, that if our Constitution’s protectors, fear to step above an expectation of absolute obedience to Trump, then a de facto King we shall have. The very thought sickens me.

If I convince myself that a monarchy of some form is impossible, then I have to deceive my mind the probability is not what I see. A kingdom’s existence rests on these fundamentals: (1) Mystification, (2) Reverence, (3) Loyalty, and (4) Obedience. Succession by bloodline ensures continuity.

Of the four vitals. What would a reasonable person have to wrestle argumentatively?

1. Mystification exists in the power of religious conviction, rooted for centuries in American life. All that it requires for self-assertion are power plus opportunity. Trump has a divine right to rule, propagate zealous Christian Conservatives. Already, determined for everyone else, that Trump is anointed by God to bring about Christ’s second coming.  Prominent evangelicals unabashedly broadcast that. God chose him, they say; who are we to say otherwise, they bleat. 

2. Reverence, says Oxford American English Dictionary, may refer to:

(a) Subjective response to something excellent in a personal way. (emotion)  (b) The acknowledgment of the legitimacy of the power of one’s superior or superiors. (attitude)

The cabinet meeting held by Mr. Trump is instructive. I never thought I’d see American citizens gratuitously indulge in praising and thanking Mr. Trump for choosing them. All due to his beneficence. Whichever ingratiating words they could find to better grovel and debase themselves before him, they found. Senior Administration officials being cooperative with their mistreatment. All done and broadcasted worldwide, as Mr. Trump sat gloating -a dictator or a king.

3. Loyalty

Any adult American could not miss the demand for unwavering personal commitment to Trump. Revealed in Michael Cohen’s testimony, and Former Direct James Comey’s insinuations. Nor could dispute Trump’s references to “his” army, police, and bikers. “Where is my Roy Cohn”? he lamented as he abused his office and cowed every intelligence agency official serving our country.

4. Obedience 

 Steven Miller, Trump’s Senior Advisor, and devoted lickspittle in-chief made this chilling declaration: “the president’s authority shall not be questioned.” The televised announcement and imagery stunned me. It should alarm you. Attorney General William Barr’s deference to Trump;  break laws for Trump’s lawbreaking, sends a message unequivocally  -Trump is above the law. Ethical restraints, norms, traditional decorum publicly mocked by Trump and his staff.

His hate-filled pandering might reveal Trump’s propensity for violence. He aggressively demonises citizens, particularly non-white, non-Christian, and foreign-born. His contempt for non-White immigration is blatant.

A reasonable observer might conclude that nothing good can come of Trump being in the White House. He has neither the ability nor character to manage a corruption-free unit of a small fast-food franchise. Pretensions to monarchic rule or despotic dictatorship is his will. America needs to rid itself of Donald Trump’s ugly influence.