For the Want of a Leader

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America’s Choice of Isolation and Low Expectations

In America’s vortex of what is acceptable politics, fury and hate drive any related discussion one terminal way -downwards- to a place where fact, fiction, pandering, denial of evidence, and gross lies cluster, brood and capriciously rule.

I believe that behind the face of Trump’s Republican party, nests unsavory coalitions that succor strains of bigotry, racism and proud, willful ignorance. They threaten, they plot violence, they deceive, all to gratify White supremacists’ nauseating ambitions. There, the only debate order unanimously adopted is “what-about-ism.”

Not yet at the nadir of ignominy, downward we trek, behind our pied piper, the alleged criminal, Donald Trump. Shadowy figures direct us all through dank, murky labyrinths, but constant is our decent. Few ask, what is the plan when we arrive where there is nowhere left to go. But comrades shout them down, faith and fate freely handed to Donald Trump, all trekkers beckoned by the unknown shadows below -down, down, down.

I suspect that the destined place is a world where no one but the darkest, most rotted, hate-filled heart wishes to be. That realm where mere words transform to sharpened steel and the best of the worse is subservient to the worst.

On reflection, the outcome ought to have been predicted by common reasoning. Foresight would have warned, that no society could integrate around a barrage of gushing babble, of shameless disinformation, repetitive trivia, and parallel conversations. Ethics be gone. No one asked where is hope.

In hindsight, who would not have known, that a person whose contribution to America’s literary quotes, is neither visionary nor aspirational. Donald Trump’s gift to political history amounts to just two monosyllabic words, “Fake news.”