Does America’s Courts Deserve Citizens’ Respect?

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Does America’s Courts Deserve Citizens’ Respect?

Usually one would not begin with a conclusion, but with all qualitative standards fast diminishing, I guess it’s hard to find tastes to offend. But I’ll refrain.

When eyes were gullible, Americans looked to its Judiciary for guidance. The courts gave legitimacy, seeming impartiality and authority. In return Americans offered their respect and confidence. The courts occasionally breached that trust, but others came after and made appropriate corrections. They had the integrity then. They may not have it now.

It appears to me that our courts went to sleep soon after Clarence Thomas’ spectacle of a confirmation hearing and his winning but denigrating accusation of being at a “high tech lynching.” Right there Clarence Thomas should have been handed his metaphoric head in his hands and sent home. Without animus to Justice Clarence Thomas, I do believe that when that level of disrespect was acceptable to the United States Senate, why would it not be permissible for Justice Kavanaugh to take the example from the runoff to the sewer. Why would Senator Linsay Graham feel inhibited about snarling and threatening like a cornered jackal because Kavanaugh’s appointment was jeopardized. Neither of these mentioned added a breath of perceived value to the Supreme Court of the United States. But, does it really matter? Justice Roberts took a wreaking ball to every institution in America with his infamous Citizens United reasoning. (Legalized bribery) Gerrymandering? Well, I don’t have all day.

This is the impending danger that Americans seem to pretend is not lurking: stacking all courts with Trump’s judges tears away the belief of fairness expectation, through an independent Judiciary. It will take generations to clean the courts of its foul reputation.

So, no, I do not respect any level of justice from our courts as presently constituted. This is based on what is evident. But many of our one eye Pied Pipers will not see, refuse to accept that piper McConnell is not winning anything for them. Tirelessly he undermines what’s left of a rotting America.