Mayor Buttigieg Stumbles On

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When Your Neighbour’s House is Burning, Soak Yours.

From my Childhood Comes That Adage. A Metaphor Worth Heeding.

Directly below is a link concerning what Mayor Buttigieg assumed to be the Democratic Party’s position on Pro-choice.

We are about to discuss the fatal shooting of Mr. Eric Logan, age 54, lately a United States citizen, reportedly of South Bend, Indiana. To Mr. Logan’s loved ones, I extend my sympathy and pray that he Rests in Peace.

Democratic presidential hopeful, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Peter Buttigieg has outstanding bona fides for the office he holds; a person genuinely deserving of trust and respect. But he took hold of an excellent opportunity to effect much-needed change and made it a textbook example of insensitivity and political disconnectedness. Before his debacle, I would have had no hesitancy in voting for him -our party’s nominee.

I am still baffled as to what could have caused a merited leader such as Mayor Buttigieg, to prove himself unworthy of our esteem. I presume that his mayoral responsibilities could not be onerous. South Bend’s population is only 101,000, forty-seven percent of which identify themselves African-American. The housing stock 34,000. South Bend is no metropolis.

I have two issues with your office, Mayor Buttigieg. I will be brief.

(1) How could you, not have seen this suspected homicide by police coming your way?

(2) How did you happen to find yourself before a grieving group of palpably angry, Black citizens -residents, mothers, and you came out the worse for it?

Let’s start with number one. You have the intellect and ability to lead. That is a fact, not an assumption, and because of that, you cannot escape accountability for the functioning of every agency and person serving South Bend’s small municipality. The taxpayers deserve the best quality of service.

Ferguson redux. Baltimore replay, New York City, Chicago, Miami, on and on. It is no secret that police officers mistreat, brutalise, and murder Black citizens disproportionately. With impunity! Too often for any decent society to stomach. So, with all the fires of police misconduct and brutality kindled so often, what should a citizen expect of mayors worth their salt?

(a) Get interested in the evident social problems. With forward thinking, prepare broad unambiguous policies, preventive contingency action, plans with periodic reviews. Good grief, you have been South Bend’s mayor for seven years. Seven Years! More than sufficient time for much more than a casual acquaintance with America’s criminal justice machine in a thoroughly racialise society. Harsh words? That a considerable number of Americans say that there is no preying monster, does not make the phenomenon any less present and menacing. Citizens complain every day and show other Americans exactly where the loathsome thing lives and thrives in broad daylight. It doesn’t slink away because it knows that it is protected.

Have you, Mr. Mayor, ever spent one weekend reading randomly selected personnel files, performance data, diversity planning reviews, etc.? A top manager’s fact-finding preventive efforts neither begins nor ends with in-office reports, meetings and conferences. When did unannounced, staggered visits to Precincts, Fire Stations, and Administrative Offices become a rusting tool of proper management? It has nothing to do with mistrust or lack of confidence in your agencies’ staff. On the contrary, it provides an occasion for the personnel’s self-correction.

(b) How do you convince anyone, that in seven years you still don’t have body cameras for every officer, and where you do, the officer has discretion over what he is going to record and what he will not? Is there even a policy? In those circumstances, how could you not see the impending problem for your city?

(2) Look again at your campaign managers. You are not Robert ”Bobby” Kennedy, a courageous man with character and abundance of earned respect, who chose to go alone at night, before an incensed, Black mob and with his compassionate words, not a S.W.A.T swarm, convinced those hundreds of traumatised, hurting citizens to go peacefully home. The incident occurred immediately after the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King.

You ought not to have been at the protest rally. You were abysmally unprepared. Indeed, behaved condescendingly, and for heaven sake, I cringed when you, seemed to laugh flippantly responded to the women gathered, “Okay, what do you want me to say? Of course, BlackLivesMatter.” Mayor Buttigieg, I may expect that riposte from a disgruntled Republican. What is it that fellow candidate Beto O’Roukre has that you failed to deliver?

I am angry at you, Mayor Buttigieg, for the death of Mr. Logan. I am mad at my countryfolk who will not see evil and persecution at home. My spirit is troubled by your silence when asked by a woman, a fellow citizen, this poignant question: “What are law-abiding Black people to do when confronted by the police, run and be shot, or stay and be shot?” In our hearts, we each know the truth.

I am calling for the dismissal of Chief of Police Scott Ruszkowski. I trust that your conscience would guide you to resign your position as Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. The due process remains intact, relative to those implicated in this incident.