Criminal Justice Reform U.S.A.

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An Awful Demonstration of Cruelty, Timidity, and Aversion to Change.

Normal indicators suggest that Criminal Justice Reform (CJR) is not among priorities even on the Trump administration’s D- list. One might rightly conclude that the time and money expended so far, is either to appease the system’s critics or foot-drag the issue to 2020. Some describe it as a broken system

Once that is acceptable a description, then the public might rest satisfied with the appearance of ‘something’ being done to fix the broken system. Patches here and there, a bit of glossy paint and the administration has a showpiece to trumpet about.

Words, chosen appropriately, lull critics as much as they convey urgency. Let’s face the truth: the U.S. (CR) is appalling, it is racists and unconscionable. We cannot stumble along a tunnel’s darkness and be grateful for a short candle when the electric lights have been purposefully switched off. Nor should we be satisfied with a rigid, medieval approach to criminal justice. Doing so proves again, the underlying design for the maintenance of injustice and cruelty.

The two-year study and policy development birthed for Americans, a barely viable thing called, First Steps. The way it was delivered, touted and photo-oped left impressions that (CJR) First Steps, is a policy to help Black people. “Something you should be thankful for, because of the crime devastating your communities.” Fmr. President Bill Clinton bristled and retorted such when he found himself cornered and publicly excoriated by a group of Black women for his devastating Crime Bill, 1994. It occurred while campaigning for Fmr. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The history of Crime Bills, since the Nixon war on drugs, have all been punitive and racially tinged. They cannot ever be successful because of:

  • the motivation is disingenuous
  • the solution is punishment
  • outcomes remain immoral. Based on a faulty religious imperative, rooted in a culture of rivalry and supremacy, we continue looking at the criminal justice reforms from the wrong end–Control. Thusly, one ends up doing incrementally what has been done for the unstudied reason that it has always been done that way.
  • So let’s try another way. An approach guaranteed to set devout Religious Conservatives hurrying to extinguish fictive fires. Stop creating crimes where none exists. Just stop doing foolish things like claiming ownership of my body, so that you can lock-up and exploit my body; so that it makes you feel better about yourself and sleep at night.

    Vices are defined as crimes, by you and selectively punished by you. Stop the sanctimonious farce.