Who is Responsible for Government Shutdown?

Do we have facts to work with

The answer is elementary for most of us. Too simple and obvious to bother mulling. If one is aligned with Republican political philosophy, they might bristle, suspecting the questioner’s motives, so out of the ordinary, that there is insufficient exploratory time for thinking. Everybody knows that it’s Nancy Pelosi. Everybody! That’s good enough.

Ask a Democrat, the answer first comes from the eyes. “How could you be so ignorant”? But from the lips come, “Trump is clearly responsible. Only his cultish followers may think otherwise”.

The Independent projects an image of one adrift at sea in a dingy, with supplies. He knows that some dreaded day a tide will force him to land, meanwhile east or west matters not. Both are  attractive yet equally repulsive. The Independent argues with the last surge that dashes him ashore.

Who benefits from the shutdown?

The majority of Americans, I believe, want the government open, and so do I. But I have doubts about the soundness of any opinion. We might get somewhere by asking what the political shows aren’t . Who benefits? Not Trump, who is perhaps the most despised Head of State in the world with more troubles ahead of him than any mafia don. He had decided to capitulate. That is, until (they say) Coulter and Limbaugh, themselves no shining stars, yelled at Trump and he frantically¬† reversed his decision.

Who are the manipulators ?

If one believes such, then one must also accept that the Trump family, inept as they are, were able to pull off the most intricate coordination of foreign agents — the NRA, both legislative branches of government– well, the rest could be speculated within reasonable bounds. Still believe that a group shamelessly compromised, corrupted, republican controlled House and Senate are having a principled fight over a damn wall? If this shut down is protracted, perhaps permanent in the life of Trump, is that not what was the Republicans stated interest. Republican political philosophy about the role of government, repeatedly stated? Washington is the enemy. Abolish it and institute states rights –destruction of the Washington political apparatus? Those were the statements, inter alia, by Grover Norquist, Ted Cruz, Steve Bannon and others. No, this is not about a wall.