Report: Ohio Mulling Death Penalty for Abortion

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Well there goes Ohio lawmakers again. I am convinced that the time is near for mental health evaluations to be a factor in qualifying for candidate status. Possibly an internship requirement too. Okay, well anything that would help them understand the limits of their jobs. Savings would be time, taxpayers dollars, and most of all face. That’s right, save being an embarrassment.

Oh, who am I? I am a voting citizen, married empty nest, associate of no religion, adamantly pro-choice, advocate for abolition of capital punishment, and of course, left of very deep blue. If that’s insufficient, then I confess, that I mind my own business and wish lawmakers would do theirs.

I have no interest in debating the abortion issue, nor do I anticipate persuading persons of contrary views. I am strictly concerned with reminding lawmakers of their roles. Quibbles about moral equivalency with reference to right to life, are unhelpful here.

No citizen that I know of, gave the State the right to regulate their bodies. Period! That’s important because had we surrendered that right, the result would have been one of two — we are all enslaved or dead. Extinct homo-sapiens.

Abortion may or may not be the consequence of a vice. Vices are not crimes. What lawmakers seem to be enthusiastic about is making vices crimes. In the case of voluntary termination of pregnancy, you by statutory conjurance and redefining “person”, created the crime. Thus you assumed the authority to govern the bodies of all females and by yourselves decided punishments, for not only the female but even individuals who assist her.

Vices are not crimes. Vices are not sins.

Heady and righteously ardent, you now contemplate executing women who choose to do as they think is best for themselves and families. We have to fight you. We are morally compelled to oppose your every action to make manifest that law, for the simple reasons of individual dignity and self determination and this fact –you would never stop at executing her. Your hunger for power could never be satiated.