Hate is Just, When Inhumanity is Present

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Some public officials ought to be facing criminal charges for what the Trump administration, its associated agencies and their unjustly enriched private contractors are doing. Prominent among them must be Attorney General, Jeff Sessions and Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Kristjen Neilson. Trump is a given.

I understand and respect America’s right to protect the integrity of the nation and its immigration laws, but is this the best we are capable of? I do not believe that the expertise is not available beyond the bounds of that insular, like-thinking, incompetent, sinister group of people who found themselves in charge of policy and management, particularly DHS-ICE. What is the desperation that drives our government to be taking children as hostages to deter migrants. This is Attorney General, Jeff Sessions’ explicitly stated policy. What else could go wrong with such an unconscionable policy of inhuman chaos, presently executed by Secretary Neilson, the sixth person leading the agency in a little over a year.I pray that they are prosecuted.

This is why American’s ought to lose sleep –what kind of depraved indifference causes one to put an unaccompanied eight year old girl on a one way international flight? What adult would have a five year old sign a legal document for her own deportation? Do we even have judges anymore?

Consider this, if an officer is willing to obey outrageous orders like that, ask yourself where is the moral line and if we claim that there is one, what have you done to stop it? What obscene order would they not carry out?

If it’s thought that I hate this Trump administration and the people who enable it, well, just give me a stronger expression. They are indescribably shameless, loathsome fiends.

Hate is Just, When Inhumanity is Present