(Excerp) Utopia of Usury (1936)

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I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of reading the above book, authored by G. K. Chesterton. I recommend it.

It reminded me that we are governed by a large group of elected, appointed, PAC, lobbyists and obscured Think Tanks. Frankly, we do not know who is our government.

No, Trump is just a titular head.

More than 52% of the House and Senate members are millionaire’s and billionaires. Cabinet Secretaries, some are billionaires. Many of our governors are just as rich.

Now, these can easily be verified. So, what is the common structure of our political management and that of Russian oligarchs? Legally or illegally, both are looting State tresuries. Both suppress votes and engineer outcomes. Both have deliberatelly corrupted judicial systems, the question is as to degree.

I ask myself, why would this number of wealthy people want to work for me, especially when I know that the conversations that interest them, are not about getting to work or the doctor. Many became millionaires after getting into government. They are the only group of people who never lose money on Wall Street. They are exempt from insider trading laws.

Systems protect themselves. They destroy what threatens them.People do not get rich by going to work. People do not choose to be homeless.

BTW, Governor Rick Scott of Florida made several millions of dollars last year just sitting in the mansion which we pay for.

So, take a read. What (more) do we have to lose?


“Now I have said again and again (and I shall continue to say again and again on all the most inappropriate occasions) that we must hit Capitalism, and hit it hard, for the plain and definite reason that it is growing stronger. Most of the excuses which serve the capitalists as masks are, of course, the excuses of hypocrites. They lie when they claim philanthropy; they no more feel any particular love of men than Albu felt an affection for Chinamen. They lie when they say they have reached their position through their own organising ability. They generally have to pay men to organise the mine, exactly as they pay men to go down it. They often lie about the present wealth, as they generally lie about their past poverty. But when they say that they are going in for a “constructive social policy,” they do not lie. They really are going in for a constructive social policy. And we must go in for an equally destructive social policy; and destroy, while it is still half-constructed, the accursed thing which they construct.” (Summary from Gilbert Keith Chesterton, (1936)

Excerp) Utopia of Usury (1936)