Mr. Trump, They are all Gone

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I want to acquaint you with some significant paranormal occurrences in our country. No,no, I mean the USA. Sorry for the mixup. I just thought it obvious, since I know of no president in history having held multiple government administrations in various other countries, simultaneously.

That you asked which others, suggests to me, a reasonable person, that you are unsure which other countries you preside over. Yes, i’ll call Kanye for a list of them. Just to be sure that I don’t upset what’s left of our diplomatic corps, do I refer to your other countries as dominions, protectorates, colonies, holdings, or….. ? Oh, they are called vassal states, I see.

Sorry, but I must hurry to give you the information I have. Mr. Trump -our better angels have left. Yes, the last few flew at dawn. Well, they told me that they lost patience with you and your cohorts; that you disgust them and they left. Yes, they looked as mad as hell, …..I mean purgatory. The last angel compared you to the poem, “The Second Coming”. She said that you are the rough beast; that you are incorrigible, even for a carrier of curses, bad luck and degradation, that befalls anyone associated with you.

Did you know that they were an all-female band? No! Well, that’s not good. They were incensed at the way you’re traversing our country insulting even the most vulnerable of our women. All for the applause of FoxNews audiences. Then they said, Noah’s flood was a pool compared to this thing they predict. Said it’s a gigantic Blue Wave.

Heard anything about that?

Mr. Trump, They are all Gone