Ambassador Nikki Haley, GOP Shinning Star, Crushed by Trump’s Black Hole

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Whether one works for, or otherwise fraternitizies with Donald Trump’s Family Administration, the outcome is predictable. Early and inevitable.

Usually the take out is swift and messy. Bystanders get splattered in the mauling, but they become desensitized sooner than later.

For mid-level staff the monthly feedings are intolerable. Reportedly, initial signs of PTSD pop up anywhere like a contagion.

Take heart, people of conscience. Though you’re few, a blue train has already left the terminal enroute to rescue some of you. As to the Stephen Miller klan, jump from any ledge you choose, the higher the better. We’ll run over you anyway. The train, crewed exclusively by Wonder Women of long bitter memories, is on schedule.

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