On the Historic Hearing of Nominee, Judge Kavanaugh

On the Historic Hearing of nominee,Judge Kavanaughu

Who could have missed the United States Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the U.S Supreme Court, a lifetime position that we pay for. Why, is too confounding and digressive at the moment.

Outcome predetermined. the irony, astounding if you believe that the scrutiny as practiced has anything to do with merit; particularly the candidate’s personal integrity and professional excellence.

Broadcast beginning to end for four long days it would have taken the mental stamina of a Hillary Clinton, to the leave the inquiry triumphant. It was so intense, partisan, roiled, blatantly biased that I almost forgot that Judge Kavanaugh was nominated by someone with the moral rectitude of Trump.

On day one, I saw a man radiantly confident and nimble to the day’s end. He seemed pleased as he was congratulated.

Day two offered a fighter tiring, but admirably valiant. However, day three was a revelation calamitous. Worn, deflated and memory taxed, his misfortune was Senator Cory Booker, an opponent playing for keeps. Republicans could not remember their own rules. Sometimes they just made them up. All to rescue a flagging, Judge Kavanaugh. But worse was about to home-in.

On that ill fated third day, no one cautioned Judge Kavanaugh to be alert for Senator Kamala Harris’ pointed preciseness. Before he could scream for help, Senator Harris had purposefully pierced, throttled and gouged the astonished Judge, who seemed so befuddled he ought not be allowed to walk unaided. What she did to that poor Judge while smiling, was an ambush memorable. Judge Kavanaugh, might have used “do not recall” strategically, but will always remember her name. But there’s a worthy moral lesson there, i.e, if you know that you have rotten stuff yet to be buried, graciously decline the nomination. You never know when you’ll encounter a smiling Kamala Harris. Then wham! It’s all over.