I Saw Headline News Move the Goal Post, Again

I stared in disbelief at one of my favourite television news-shows today. I didn’t throw anything, but that could be due to shock or disappointment. Hard to identify particular emotions when you’re favourably disposed to the host, Carol Costello, who just blatantly violated your trust.

Headline News was covering the farcical event known as a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing. Judge Brett Kavanaugh, was the shameless Supreme Court nominee who suffered severe memory loss. I wagered that he could not recall what he had for breakfast that morning.

The irascible Chairman Senator Grassley, tried his contemptuous best to convince those Americans interested, that the committee should be allowed uninterrupted progress executing perhaps his last travesty of an overextended career. Some citizens took issue and rightly protested the disappearance of basic ethical restraints, bordering on lawlessness. Some protesters shouted, others raised banners. Last report stated that seventy citizens were arrested without incident and whisked off to rehabilitation at an unknown pacification centre. Later the public was informed that they were all given citations.

Jennifer Epps-Addison, a well respected activist appeared on Headline News with Carol Costello. She was an arrested protester. I don’t believe that interview was objective and appeared to deteriorate when Ms. Epps-Addison was asked if she hadn’t expected to be arrested. It got worse when Carol Costello said coyly to the interviewee that she could have protested somewhere else and avoid the consequential arrest. I was offended. Not only by Ms. Costello’s condescension, but there again, someone who, as far as I know, publicly stood up for nothing, telling us, the affected where, when and how to protest appropriately. Acceptably!

Protests are done as publicly as possible. That’s why they are called protests. You go to buildings; you dare, you defy, you disrupt. You deny comfort and draw maximum attention to the issue. I really would like if the people who are in the news media, would stop directing us how we should protest, especially when they’re not even paying attention to what we we’re saying, when we do it appropriately and to their satisfaction. Marching and singing had its time and place. Do that in this political environment and it would be amusement for the unscrupulous. But Ms. Epps-Addison resoluteness made me proud.

“The protests are not normal, but these are not normal times,” Countered Ms. Epps-Addison, a director of the Center for Popular Democracy Action, which coordinated the protests.

“These women are standing up because they know that if they’re quiet now and they allow these rigged, shamed hearings to proceed, their lives are going to be impacted in the future.”

Now, what is hard to understand about that?

I Saw Headline News Move the Goal Post, Again