FoxNews, Personal Integrity and the Absence of Political Leadership

This is my blog and my voice. I manage my blog for free and would never publish hate or lies. I refuse to believe that an ant can’t get an elephant’s attention, if he, the ant, is nasty, dogged enough, persistently annoying and able to call up a swarm. I thought that would be an apt analogy of small voices, relative to the destructive beast called Fox News, Tucker Carlson’s owner.

Tucker recently sold another few pounds of his soul in the interest of making White people fearful of what was historically evident about human populations. Tucker, stop believing that you’re going to disappear any day now. Pedaling your irrational fears to the public is dangerous. Frankly, I am surprised that the FCC and Homeland Security haven’t got your attention as yet.

Recently, FoxNews allowed Tucker Carlson to talk. He told his listeners that South Africa was in a state of war; that Blacks were killing off Whites and dispossessing them of farmland. Tucker Carlson cared not about the veracity of his statement. It fits neatly into his cockamamie narrative that Whites throughout his world are losing numerical superiority and the race is at risk of extinction.

Poor Tucker who believes that Egypt is in a continent named Middle East, cannot excuse himself from the moral responsibility for the devil may care, race baiting that is acceptable to FoxNews. It’s Tucker’s uncoerced voice that is used to stimulate the hate needed for genocidal catastrophes that increasingly flare up in pockets around the world.

Isolated, Tucker Carlson’s perversion is inane as usual. But ignorance should not be ignored. Each week, Tucker Carlson moves a few cans of gasoline closer to the long smoldering fires of racial animus, not knowing that he is unlikely to escape the ignited firestorm.

When the GOP came with the slogan advocating personal responsibility I was impressed. I thought that they meant it. But stuff happens. Perhaps that got misfiled among Bootstraps, Moral Majority, Family Values, Manifest Destiny, Exceptionalism and all the other codes used shamelessly, to maintain the myth necessary, while the capitalists shear fleeced us all -Black, White and Brown– near flayed.

There might be something that Trump could reasonably take credit for, that is, puncturing the big, ugly, painful abscess that hobbled America for decades. Now that it’s palpable the majority of the American people, the decent people, I believe will step up, scalpel in hand and detach this malignant sack of pus that debilitates our society.

Tucker Carlson owns what he said as much as Trump’s concurring tweet giving support to a racist lie. This is nothing to be proud of, but just know that we are fully aware of your creeping actions on inciting violence.

Fox News personal integrity and absence of political leadership