ICE Complains That Michelle Wolf is Ravaging Them

Would you believe it? An agency like ICE goes with deep sobs to FoxNews to vent about being bullied by a fearsome Wolf. I didn’t think it could be true that bloodless beings who have toddlers appear before a court for determination of their future, would tremble at the name of Ms Wolf.

ICE Complains That Michelle Wolf is Ravaging Them

She is an entertainer. A comedian. She makes jokes. But that aside, who created your public image? Perhaps I can help, if you don’t mind, and yes I’ll keep it as safe a secret as Stormy.

I understand the agency’s role in enforcing the nation’s laws, but I can’t related to the culture of arrogance and abysmally ignorant management deliberatelly cultivated at ICE. Here’s how you tarnished what was entrusted to you by our citizens:

1. Boasting tolerance policy is unhelpful. Okay, it’s stupid. Why? Because you trade away all of your flexibility and public relations assets.

2. Letter of the law type of enforcement, soon gets an agency the opprobrium deserved.

3. Demonization earns hatred.

4. Stop lying and concealing. It destroys your integrity, s omething not easy to recover. Use this rule -if you’re hiding, you’re lying.

5. Reporterst are not out to get you. Turn them neutral. Nothing energizes an investigative reporter like not taking their calls.

6. Trump and Sessions have rscialised the work you have to do. Good luck with that, because all of our citizens aren’t racist.

Now you go to FoxNews for sympathy. I doubt that you can be proud of yourself.

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