Is White Supremacy America’s Achilles Heel?

History teaches, mankind repeats. All is vanity and there is nothing new under the sun. That’s pessimistic, isn’t it? But true. It is also true that white supremacy is a pernicious lie. A comforting, expedient lie that of itself, contributed nothing but misery and ignorance to this world. An evil cult it is, that needs fear, and a ready supply of conjured enemies to survive. Sometimes the created enemies are themselves White, poor and oppressed. If a phenomenon is not seen, then it doesn’t exist, right?

But dispute all the above, if you want, the truth has always been there and will always be there. If you’re so inclined, there are folks who can for free, help with much information, show why the lie was necessary, when, where and how it was created and maintained. Be stout hearted though, because two global wars consumed millions of the very purveyors of the myth.

But there are also influencers, who work hard on a pay-later plan, at convincing the vulnerable that white supremacy is factual. That it’s about intelligence, blood lines, racial purity, national pride and whatever cockamamie of the Ober-man they are capable of transmitting to young, impressionable minds.

I recall viewing a street survey about racial attitudes. The young, poor White man about twenty years old, was asked about his perception on race relations. He, operating in a world of racial duality, where  humans are either Black or White, opened up on his singular enemy –Blacks. On the blighted street corner he identified the world’s problem that if  fixed, mankind would have utopian harmony. How strategic!

He opined that the whole of Africa (the world’s second largest continent of 900 million people) should be bombed, wiped clean, and paved over as a parking lot. Damn, I thought, what upsets him so, that he would also kill millions of White people living in Africa, for many, the country of their birth.

Sometime later, reading about United States being the last country in the world to condemn apartheid South Africa, I discovered a comment attributed to the venerable President Ronald Reagan. Interviewed by the press while Governor of California, he “quipped” (said the press) that left up to him he would bomb the whole of North Vietnam, pave it over as a parking lot and be back home in time for lunch. It was viewed by the press as Reagan’s humour. They chuckled, some guffawed. But what young ear heard that and took it seriously. Who was influenced by the comment? Ah, we say, it was just an innocuous, off-the-cuff joke.

Today’s White supremacists no longer speak of the White man’s burden. Nor do they have stated ambitions to reduce a continent to rubble. They seem to have a more urgent, ominous international agenda.

Interesting thing about the notion of racial conflict and wars longed for, is that they never end quite as planned. Many times the folks who wished to have conflict commenced, are the same people who pray earnestly for an end to the horror. America has many enemies who may not only love to see us bludgeon each other, but abet gleefully as well, yet the Trump administration seems hell-bent on losing as many reliable friends as possible. White supremacists are not ignorant, nor are they deadbeat. They are operating at the highest levels in this nuclear, bio-armed nation.