Laura Ingram Slurs Again

This is so strange. I thought African Americans were citizens and had the right to participate in the social life of USA. I thought that we could have empathetic reactions without Laura Ingram’s approval and permission.

But if mouthing trash is the business you are in, then it might be of help to your bigoted #ss to know something of what you spew.

I worked twenty years in State Child Protection Service. AA children are over represented in the system because they are referred 4x the rate of White children and have shelter with relatives, less than White children because of mandatory home studies which include income. On top of that, AA are arrested more because we are policed more and sentenced more. This information, you can get easily if you read the abundance of research literature available for free. You might just discover what you are and how little you know.

I think that you, Ingram, are either desperate to please your listeners, or despite your degree, you remain as stupid and ill mannered as Trump.Laura Ingram Slurs Again