I Curse the Republican Party!

Who could not have foreseen the current political disaster that now enfolds America. Some of us did. Some of us warned. We called, we marched, we wrote and we voted. All to no avail. Now, without shame Putin is allowed to be temporarily more powerful than any country on Earth. No hyperbole there. I’ll explain, but for now, who has the nuclear codes?

At this moment, nobody but Putin knows what security secrets detrimental to America he has. That ought to deliver a bad case of insomnia. And the international humiliation of America stings much more than that which Trump liberally visited upon our political, and military allies.

Trump didn’t come out of nowhere. Putin did what is done every day in the darkness of military intelligence. He must be gloating so much, that insomnia ails him too. But the only people who are unbothered as they sleep like a baby (oops!) are the republicans in and out of the House and Senate. They can sleep blissfully. Undisturbed, unperturbed. A mere continuation of their torpor per the last 10 years.

But they did manage the entry and exits of the labyrinth they created – useless hearings that produced gas. Then about two hundred appeals to the Supreme Court, searches for the six cases of voter fraud and other vitally important stuff like that. Who could not have seen this coming, especially after Citizens United drowned all other voices.

The disservice done to the men and women who serve this country is appalling. But to Kim Trump freely gave and got nothing in return. To Putin Trump gave freely and got a soccer ball. Now we must wait to see how many children will ever see there parents again. These were done in the name of the American people. The party that has become so vile and hateful, that even a tad of common sense they refuse.

Standing before them, they saw (rather the rest of saw) a man so vulgar and stupid, that he displayed ignorance as a virtue. Thuggery acceptable; a grandfather still unable to control his lechery, his thievery and his lying mouth. It was okay to allow him to refuse the submission of his tax returns as FoxNews cowed any dissent, just to give legitimacy to a character that is obviously vulnerable to blackmail. Too late now. For these, I curse the Republican Party, that even now dare not do anything, but wither and die.

I Curse the Republican Party!