Dictators Don’t Announce That They Are Dictators

Dictators don’t announce that they are dictators

Someone once said that dictators are usually invited by citizens, and like boorish, wearisome guests, they will not leave peacefully. The eviction almost never ends well.

Dictators are encouraged by weak, ambitious people who crave associations with power. They become a part of the centralized autocracies. Their loyalty to dictators supersedes knowledge and integrity. Fear becomes management.

Everything about a dictatorship is present in America today. Trump is a dictator. An overbearing, churlish, poorly educated individual still on training wheels, but nourished to excess he is rapidly growing in strength. How could this have happened? Who is responsible?

Sorry to say it, but you are. You Citizen Voter, and unlike demands for regime change and defense of democracy in the East, there is no other country capable and willing to root out Trump once he has been sufficiently metastasized.

How could this have happened, one asks. Try this: there is no American voter who has been raised outside of a bi-cameral system of government, compounded by no term limits, gerrymandering, and lifetime judicial appointments. I think that voters who continue “either-or” polemical discussions, tolerate “what-about-when” , morality, black or white, racialized and ethnocentricized actions bear much of the blame.