Kanye: Slavery Was A Choice (VIDEO)

I am stunned, not angry, just absolutely appalled. (See link below)

Judging Kanye West to be fool, is no news to many of us, so why idle there? Further, I already know that racism didn’t start with slavery and that slavery didn’t start with the Atlantic triangular trade in humans. But the recency, the scale, brutality and duration set the tragedy as the worst of human depravity. Ever! Yes, Kanye is undoubtedly a fool. But I’d rather focus on the brilliant, influencing fools, the ones who do every day just what Kanye displayed. Allen West, Ben Carson, Joe Clarke,Apostle Cleaver, and others, who have said and done the same ingratiating, self debasing prattle.

Successful rebellions in the colonies were put down by the military. No negotiations were permitted. A message of deterrence was vital. The first time Kanye and others see 4 to 5 hundred human heads rotting on poles, choice fast becomes ensuring that the damned plantation is profitable and the overseer, not just healthy, but not at all irritated.

So, carry-on, Kanyes of the world. Not knowing might be beneficial for you. Just stay very far from children.

Kanye: Slavery Was A Choice (VIDEO) http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIw8cmPtDg