To Gulliver’s Surprise 

This week, more than ever, I saw America’s government.  I really hope that I’ve seen the worst of its functioning, but a whisper in my ear cautioned me not to bet on that.

The truth, as I saw it, was so much like Gulliver’s tours, except for the shocking deviation, that after leaving Lilliput and all the little people, above whom he towered, he arrived at a place called Future Washington. There, to his dismay, he discovered that the inhabitants were much smaller than the Lilliputians. Gulliver then knew that people could be so much smaller than one could ever imagine, and much more trivial too.

Donald need not worry about draining his swamp. Instead of thoughts of wrestling out huge reptiles, almost larger than himself, a kitchen sieve would do just as well. But really, the greatest danger that infests the swamp are mosquitoes larvae that mimic minuscule politicians, lobbyists, and lawyers, while spreading corrupting disease.