Alyssa Hogan Speaks of Domestic Violence, Murder, ​and Overcoming

Imagine your name in the news headlines “Prek Teacher Kills Husband”.
Yes, I, Alyssa Hogan was arrested for the ​2nd-degree​ murder of my husband and faced life in prison. At the time of my arrest, I had B.Sc., Criminal Justice major, and had worked several years in social services. I had four children, whose father was dead, and they were about to lose their mother. Jobless and homeless, I was lost and broken. I turned back to God, He had never failed me. I was a faithful servant, why had I gone through so much pain?

I was in a domestic violence relationship for 12 years, I loved him but lost me. I was obsessed with the idea of the perfect family. I reflected on my choices and decisions in life and discovered that I had repeated a pattern of my childhood experiences. I had devalued myself and sought men’s love. At age 17, I got my first child but I remained an honor roll student. Later I graduated from prestigious Florida State University.

While out on bail, women approached​ me, telling their story, and that they were praying for me. I researched cases of women in prison for the same charges, warning signs, statistics, and services in the community. I discovered the victims of domestic violence were re-victimized by their friends, family, society, and the criminal justice system. With my charges​ pending​, I could not obtain employment, housing, or life insurance.

Thanks to my faith in God, in 2016 I was acquitted of all charges based on Florida State’s “Stand Your Ground” law. People asked how I was doing so well and what was the secret to my happiness and success in my life? I began public speaking; my testimony experiential and philosophical. I found success in helping others to coach women toward clarity and focus, which brought them more energy, peace, and time for things that mattered in their lives.

Alyssa Hogan is an inspiring and transformative speaker. She specializes her advocacy in the following​ areas:

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