Select Best Excuse For American Cops Killing Black Citizens

On June 16, 2017, in a Minnesota police officer, Jeronimo Yazez, walked free after the murder of  Philando Castile, during a daytime traffic stop.  Castile, a 32-year-old, African-American who had been stopped by police over three dozen times without incident, complied with all the instructions of the officer. Castile was killed within about three minutes of the illegal stop. The entire incident was live streamed across the world by his friend who was in the car’s backseat with her young child. Despite all the evidence presented the accused was freed on all counts.

African Americans are quite aware of the threat to their lives posed by the police. But most other citizens remain uninterested.  Had it been possible to copyright the excuses made for, and by officers after killings, one could make a bundle just owning the most frequently used get-out-of-culpability justifications. It’s not funny when you’re preyed upon.


Excuses for kops 3