It is the About News Story, But Also How Terror Reports’ Media Coverage are Not Serving us Well.

This is a repost. What has changed?

That the terror attacks in Brussels and Paris are despicable; that the behavior must be publicly condemned and forcibly stopped is inarguable. Public safety is one of the most basic human rights in any place in the world. We should all be grieved by the fear and suffering brought upon people, regardless of the victims or the perpetrators. There is one humanity.
When terror attacks occur it is the duty of leaders, even citizens, to respond appropriately in voice and actions. Anything else rings disingenuous and undermines confidence and resolve. 
Today I had the horror of hearing the comments of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Both men with ambitions to sit in the Oval Office. Both men with no idea of how to speak about international affairs. No sirs, the bull the American people have to accept from their leaders won’t work overseas. Of course, that couldn’t be left unchallenged for stupidity, the party just had to blame it on President Obama for being in Cuba at the time the attacks were occurring.
Today I was trapped in CNN. Now two days straight, replaying the same information, only variation being the experts and the ads. They did such a good job in making me forget the carnage brought upon North Africa by Boko Haram, ISIS and its tentacles. In fact, Boko Haram eclipsing them all, has murdered the most. Nearing 7000 souls last year alone. More than all the terror in Europe, the United States, Britain, Australia and the Phillipines combined and then multiplied. So, CNN and our politicians, have some integrity. Get some outrage. Terror is terror.