Name it and it Shall be: globalization and new Fears

Common knowledge it is that words have different meanings to different people at particular times and circumstances, as well. Not so clear, are connections between words and emotive reactions they provoke. One may swoon or evidence physically aggressive behaviors, not to just what was said, but to their understanding of the statement. For brevity and simplicity, it might be agreed that, at least in some cases, words are stimuli.

There are many psychological studies, based on word associations that help explain the phenomenon. Indeed there is much literature documenting the sway of opinions, of political outcomes based on particular usage at the right places and times that generate results desired, such as -solidarity, disdain, pacification, fear, withdrawal or rage. In some instances, deliberate confusion. Today ‘Globalization’, is one such potent word. Where some hear opportunities, others perceive sudden, tremendous calamities, personal losses, armed conflicts or even existential biblical fulfillment.

The thing…

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