Is Feminism Mindful of Anything Other Than the Glass Ceiling?

The women depicted in this article, have three of the worst misfortunes that might afflict any woman. They are destitute; past sexual allure and they are abandoned.

As a former feminist, now morphing to anarchist, I say that this is condemnable. Had what comes subsequently been all, compassion would be my emotion towards them, and I could hope that their hardship is ameliorated soon. At least, that escape would allow me to be unbothered. I could opine that it is all a part of God’s mysterious plan. To assuage my angst, I may even adopt the see-no-evil excuse common in the United States. That is, “Well, they must have done something wrong, and deserve it.” Yes, I could be comforted by any meme that provides an escape for my own soul.

But the emotion I feel is anger. Impotent rage-fulness as I try to find an actual target. I can’t. But improperly regulated trade and finance are among the usual suspects. All that I can do is be an advocate, hoping that at least one person be jolted out of what served well for many years, i.e., that women are weak and blah, blah.  The heavy-lifting ‘mule-women’ of Melilla.

The women are shown in this article, courtesy of BBC News would need to have Lean-In, translated and explained to them. Explained, because it might be confused with a place to lean on, to rest their weary backs….just a little. To breathe regularly for a few minutes before the next trek with a spine crunching, unconscionable load.

These human beings need not worry about being “the only one in the room,” or any such. Bread is their immediate concern. Safety and housing never secure. All so mundane and acceptable. In most countries, had this life been an animal’s, some authority would have intervened.

Being unable to fix a valid target does not mean that we do nothing. Feminists can raise their collective voice; they can raise bloody hell; they can cause The Year of the Woman, held under the auspices of the United Nations to have more meaning. There is an opportunity for advocacy with media attention approaching  Make 2017 the revolutionary year of female labor, not a self-congratulatory event #BeBoldForChange.