Hi, Can You Spare Five Minutes?

Thank you. I blogged over an hundred articles, most of them on social issues that I feel a passion for. I do it for free; my compensatory satisfaction being (1) the pleasure of being an engaged, responsible citizen. The other, (2) is that I can, when asked what I do for a living, say “Oh, I write”.  The conversation may develop from there. I can look my skeptical acquaintance in the eye and we may talk unguardedly about common interests, since we all have stories to tell.

I believe that there are reasons for every conversation-fertile encounter, but one must not miss the opportunity to, well (careful now) sell one’s self. So I tell of my second published book, modestly of course.  I break no rule in not mentioning that so far, the return on investment has yet to come home. Who cares, I like what I do and I’m working on my third manuscript–a novella.

Opps! Three minutes have gone and I haven’t yet told you about my latest book. Well, hear it is; inexpensive, guaranteed a little mirth and maybe a tear.

Tall Tales and Short Stories www.http://books.google.com

To order  copies of this book, contact:

Xlibris 1-888-795-4274 http://www.Xlibris.com

Orders@Xlibris.com 726976