Don’t Let Trump Make You Tremble




Glad you posted this article. It is something to be understood and that is why I’m responding thus: Stop with the FFFFing snivelling, timidity!

Of all the African-Americans engaged in communications media, you presented about four professionals who are in fear of losing their jobs. So, they lose their jobs. Get another gig or adjust your own situation to outlast whatever storm you percieve imminent. You should have been saving your money anyway. Do as Andrew Sullivan, Amy Goodman, Malcolm Gladwell did when they discovered that the industry was beginning to crumble. They adapted.

Some of us want things as they are, that has a price. Some of us refuse to believe that the country they are protecting is not standing with them, well what exactly were your expectations? How many times does history have to ‘say again’?

That does not mean that we, like other vulnerable minorities, should not be concerned. That plays right into the hands of racists who despite history telling otherwise, believe that numerical superiority wins every battle. Do you think they’re out to kill you? Damn right, they are. The question now is, how do you respond? No! Learn the term pyrrhic victory. “A Pyrrhic victory is where the underdog knows he will be vanquished but inflicts such a devastating toll on the victor that it is tantamount to defeat. Someone who wins a Pyrrhic victory has been victorious in some way. However, the heavy toll negates any sense of achievement or profit”.

So you’re scared of White men entangled in white sheets? Okay, the sheets are easy to see at night and they are flamable.

Afraid of White men with guns menacing your work place as they did recently at the NAACP office and the police did squat? Well, if by now you don’t know where to get a gun and how to use it proficiently, then you are what Donald Trump spent years grabbing at.

Two things you need to get accustomed to:
(1) Identify the real threat. Nope, it is not 62% of the population. It is as multi-racial as we hoped our society to be. Dr Ben Carson, Sherrif Clarke, many of your pastors, and 4% of your own brothers and sisters are among those who want to be rid of you.

(2) Recognize that you are on your own! Very much so. Your history and current events informs such.
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