America Made Clear, its Values

To all the people who thought Hillary wasn’t pure and unblemished enough, who called her the most vile names; all the holier than thou misogynistic, homophobic folks who could not see her merits, but saw only imperfections, I hope that someday you descend your pedestals and become human. We’ll wait.

To deplorable sexists, so-called feminists and fear fuelled, active racists, you too got exactly what you wanted, an incorrigible sleaze. Now you don’t have to bother about swapping hurtful Obama cartoons to make yourself feel better. What a relief.

To those who thought themselves confused by two bad choices and neither reached your standards of character impeccability, be reminded that not acting is a choice.
Now, put your right hand over your tiny, cold heart and repeat, …..’one nation, quiet under Russia, forever with illusions of liberty and justice for few’. Then cuddle up with your irrationality, because the only thing consistent in Trump’s life is destruction.