An Open Letter to Our First Female President, Hillary Rodham-Clinton

Leyland A. King
Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dear Secretary Clinton,
Our country is beset by seemingly intractable problems, every last one created deliberately or inadvertently by ourselves. Our vote long taken for granted and gerry-mandered from us, is now almost meaningless. Thanks to a political class who, feed on largesse of the rich, amble about our public buildings for a few days, creating inconsequential laws and shamelessly engage in theatrics as would make impress a seasoned thespian They then go home where they sleep on the tits of their rich benefactors. For brevity, I must limit myself to three unbecoming occurrences that informed me the integrity of these United States is somewhere among the standing-room only, left-out spectators, all seating pre previously reserved.
When people serve 30 years in the chambers of the House and Senate and have the temerity to stand before the American people and state thus:

“The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one term president.”
Senator Mitchell McConnell.(R) 2009

Nearly half of our citizens found that to be laudable. Unobstructed, surely not ethical, there began seven years of some of the most ridiculous utterances and behaviors that one can imagine. All on taxpayer-funded time.

When the highest, most manipulated court in the land found that a corporation is a person with First Amendment Rights and ruled in favor of Citizens United, the American people should at least be honored with a receipt for the sale of their votes.

Forty seven lawmakers , in our name, sent a letter to a foreign government supporting that country’s interest; undermining a delicate, time-consuming, United Nations supported, vital treaty; then to publicly salt our wound by inviting a foreign Head of State to address Congress on the issue, without the knowledge or approval of our elected President, Barack Obama. I openly question their judgement, political competence and fundamental loyalty to America. That some of them served in the military is secondary to their allegiance to this land. There was never a hearing on their conduct, never an investigation by any part of our national security services and most egregious of all, not one of the treasonous lot received a letter of censure. That is unforgivable.

Madam Secretary, I have been following you before you became the First Lady. I know of no person of political substance who have been more maligned, more hounded and threatened as yourself and President Obama. May God be with you.

I watched your ten-hour contest with Rep. Harold “Trey’ Gowdy (R ) and cohorts who needed the break you graciously declined. Your loyalty to this country and our party, when you accepted the office of Secretary of State, is exemplary That was when I determined that come fire, flood or blizzard, I will do every little thing that I can, to ensure your safe assent to the Office of President of these United States. You are the best. Kick butt, be resilient as only you can.

May God protect and guide you through these tumultuous times.
Your ardent supporter,
Leyland A. King, MS., CPM