Little Richie Trump, Sorry to Tell You, But Your Daddy is an Ass

Someday, I may have to review this post with deep regret. I may have to amend it to read that you’re both asses. If it’s thought that the caption is negative and rude, then you have no idea the antipathy I, and millions of proud, decent Americans feel toward the likes of you. But, that’s enough distraction. I’ll tell you why I find him loathsome, and you his uninformed, inarticulate, inept surrogate, so offensive.

1. Daddy Trump’s Vulgarity
Really, explanations are unnecessary. We’ve seen his behavior on stage, mocking and bullying those he believes are less than himself. Even a crying baby he views as his competitor for attention. This is a man who stands before the world and uses foul language as though he were in his private club or a gutter. The descriptive he used about Megan Kelly and other women, ought to outrage anyone.

2. Daddy Trump’s Cupidity
His life and values are a study in worship of a money deity or devil. In any right-minded society he would have been locked up in a small cell with his complicit attorneys. No citizen, regardless of wealth or status, should have to resort to courts of various jurisdictions, as a complainant or defendant. That speaks to both his character and his inability to resolve issues on his own. What is legal is not always just.

3. Daddy Trump’s Vanity
Abnormal infatuation with himself. He really believes that everybody loves him. He craves allegiance to him and not a value or cause. If one displays insufficient diffidence to him, the person is threatened and belittled. Bet you can’t find a dictator or an ill brought-up toddler, who used more personal pronouns, possessive, per minute than the Big-T for Trump. Please get him a gilded mirror and a retinue to fawn over him, lest he takes us all into the abyss.


4. Daddy Trump’s Ignorance
It is astounding. Where is journalist, Katie Couric when you need her? Ask him what color is the sky and you get a two-minute blather, obfuscation even that. To him, deflection and deception are synonymous. No one can know all there is to know, but there are matters so elementary and so easily accessed, one suspects that the Big-T is averse to enlightenment of any kind. Ignorance and obstinacy are a deadly combination.

5. Daddy Trump’s Bigotry

Well documented as to steering POC away from his rental properties. His personal hounding of our President Barack Obama to produce his papers is unprecedented. He had the power to use the news media as he saw fit, private investigators sent to ferret out what the Big-thinks is the truth -a cockamamie conspiracy. Thank heavens he did not get his hands on President Obama’s grade school through college academic records. But hell, it’s not as if he could understand them anyway. Then we have the infamous letter demanding the reinstatement of the death penalty, filled with every code racists used to communicate with the like-minded. Daddy Trump has managed to deliberately insult and demonize every citizen he perceives as “the other”.


6. Daddy Trump’s Duplicity

Feel as you wish on the issue of undocumented workers and their families. There is no good choice there. But to take a hardline position for nearly a year and in a week change to a position that he, the author is yet to  reveal, tells me that he could care less about the plight and daily anxiety of those from our southern border. Per Mother Jones magazine, the fashion model industry sucks the life out of young undocumented workers from the north. Many are young girls. The Coyotes of the South are the same as those in the North.

7. Daddy Trump’s Zealotry

This is a person who’d cannot tolerate ambiguity or complexity. Every issue must be defined as black or white; for or against; a dependent friend or a despicable enemy. Daddy Trump is open to neither learning or advice. The reason an infantile ego is dangerous in any leader is this: incapable of nuanced approaches to problems, he continually creates enemies. He has to.

8. Daddy Trump’s Petulance

Since everything is, of course, all about him, then he perceives himself surrounded by treachery. Those about him must be able to sense what he wants timely enough. Be ingratiating at the right moment. If asked for advice, phrase the counsel in such a way as to make it appear that the thought originated from him. Once the idea takes hold in his sycophantic head, be ready to shower him with praise for his superior intellect. Make  the Big-T secure and seemingly brilliant at all times. What do you have to lose? Everything!


9. Daddy Trump’s Pettiness

This is a very thin-skinned man. One is best advised to avoid him. Not because he is feared, but that he loves rolling in the mud. Tit-for-tat is deeply ingrained in his psyche thus an unfavorable tweet, a perceived slight becomes, for him, a living grudge. Avoid him. Do not ever appease him.


10.Daddy Trump’s weakness

An example, he is, of shameless abuse of wealth and power, that might have been used for better purposes. Instead, he applied his blessing to corrupt Black pastors. To gain what? A few hundred votes, tops. That’s how small is the Big-T. He has his eyes on The Oval Office. Americans must keep their eyes on him.Weak personalities, unable imagine losing a contest, become very destructive.