We Heard You The First Time, Mr Trump

“Verily, poor as we are in democracy, how can we give of it to the world.

Emma Goldman
Writer, Anarchist, Feminist


America, we have a serious moral problem and it needs immediate attention. If nothing is done, then  it is your duty to at least, warn the world of impending social upheavals.

I assert the above, because of what I see and hear coming from elected officials, the condoned criminal behaviors of the police, and the paralysis of our government. Had Dr Condoleezza Rice still been in office, she might have declared America a failed state. All the critical institutions are on life support and there is lurking anxiety at the core of citizens’ minds about their near-term future. Safety is the most basic need that government provides.

As if Mr Donald Trump has not independently done enough damage to our international profile by gathering kindle, now he has access to potent fuel. This person, having set the stage for the unspeakable through frequent insinuations of a rigged political system; that if he doesn’t win, it’s because he was cheated, is dangerous. His vanity and ignorance are astounding. He is also overtly abetting the demonization of groups that he believes are most vulnerable. I am not trusting of this. Reason: it all happened before in America. I’ll be concise as possible.

When republicans say they’ll bring law and order, “the other” like me, hear something else. America’s better angels take early flight. We did not get to this brink by happenstance. For years our corporate media, by daily repetition, taught Americans that there is only one solution to a social problem, either-or, black-white, on the left on the right. It was no surprise when President G.W. Bush informed the world and his nation that, “You are either for us or, against us.”

It is not yet 100 years since the Red Year and the Red Scare. Thousands of Europeans were deported from the U.S. Arrests were en mass, trials in secret. White mobs, egged on by newspapers deeming Blacks criminals and rapists, rampaged in twenty-five cities, many citizens of both races lost their lives, their houses burned. The same, the exact words Mr Trump used to describe Mexicans.

As to law and order, we’ve been there too. The term profiling hadn’t yet been created. Police searched every Black person on the street after dark; without warrants, police invaded Black homes. They hadn’t yet introduced New York’s “stop and frisk.” Warrantless searches were as common as they are this minute. Lynchings spiked.

Mr Trump has called for the reinstatement of capital punishment. This was due to his outrage over the rape of a White woman in Central Park, New York, for which four Black and one Latino teens were wrongfully charged and convicted. They were exonerated some years later. Asked how he would have felt if the youths had been executed, his callous, dismissive reply was, “Well, it’s not as if they are angels.” Is it that he has no understanding of justice, or is he soul-less?  America cannot afford to have Donald Trump in public office anywhere. He does not have the character or leadership necessary for  president of these United States.

Today, America has more enemies than ever before. This is not a time for racist Donald Trump’s menacing blather on a national stage.


“Justice will not be served, until those who are unaffected are as out raged as those who are”

President Benjamin Franklin