Pelting The Other With Words

Thousands of maxims, proverbs and whatever else that don’t quite fit a category, lay about history. Easy for anyone to find and use. That words hurt, is as true now as when first known centuries ago.

Stoning a person to death, for any reason is not just wrong, it is depraved. But is hounding someone on social media, thereby causing them to take their own lives any different? Sure, one is more visible than the other. Less of a trail of causation too. But in the end are they not morally the same?

Let’s amplify this is a bit. Imagine a room occupied by just two dozen people, each talking, shouting at the same time. No holds barred, each demanding to be heard. How long would it take to move from cacophony, to hurtful name-calling. The next level is well known -physical violence. That, too, has escalation points or stages. The dissonance  as intolerable as another’s opinion that’s different to your own.

From the room one may expand the careless use of words, to our national stage. Pick your stone. The bigger, heavier and sharper-edged it is, the best suited it will be for the purpose of silencing diverse views, on the way down to indescribable savagery.