We listen but do not hear; we look and deny what we see.

When the video of this young mother and her two pre-school children emerged a few days ago, it was about a traffic stop. The three police officers handled themselves professionally, as is expected.

Since the video became public soon after her death and the shooting of her son, many people were either emotionally or intellectually unable to determine that there were two different incidents. Separate in time and place. From the comments posted on social media it seems that much of our society, not only didn’t care, they could resist another ghoulish opportunity to post hundreds of comments about the mother, the children and the father (who was not even there) Try reading a few dozen. It was sickening. So racially ugly, I will not repeat any of it. All from people who know nothing of the family, other than their race. Why miss a chance to debase another.

My respect for the political and criminal justice system is so low, it feels like another day another one -of us.

But this is what America is not hearing: Eric Garner, “this ends today”.
Korryn Gaines, “I am ready to die right here today.” But that’s not all. What America is not seeing is that both incidents with Korryn and her family took place in the presence of her children. She repeated told them not to be afraid. “Fight them.”

No, we are not crazy. We are tired, and America cannot tell the difference.

America refuses to acknowledge that we understand how demonisation works. That African Americans have suppressed so much rage that, for some of us, given the old choice of ‘give me your dignity or your life’ we are saying defiantly and unequivocally, I choose dignity. The life is not real, you can have it.”