A Feminist’s Guide to Critiquing Hillary Clinton

Leyland765920m ago

We can compare and contrast all night but we have no time for that. She is a candidate in 2016, deal with sexism and all the other ,isms. She is the most qualified by any measure but has to deal with the world as is, just as I do every single day. So for me to say get over it, that is authentic.
I plan on voting for Hillary, but will support the nominee. Let me tell you why she is my candidate. (1) Character! (2) Competence! (3) Strength! (4) Gender!

Let’s start with character. Who can question that when “Get Bill at All Cost”, was the cry of jackals she proved loyal, while feminists themselves were pressuring her to leave her husband. Same can be said as to the immediate aftermath of her 2008 loss to now President Obama. She could have picked up her toys and gone home to a comfortable life. Instead, unlike the chameleon Joe Lieberman, she came back to serve. Try to think of the rift in the D party and probably the country had she not done that. There again exemplary leadership and country first loyalty.

(2) Competence; the argument has already been made in your article. No need repeating her bona fides and diplomatic successes. Strange that she was adored overseas, but half of this country’s contribution to civic responsibility was to laugh and speculate about her accidental fall and medical need.

(3) Strength, no one can give her a higher commendation than the misfortunate Trey Gowdy (Rep) S.C, and survivor of the Benghazi Hearings disaster. She was as indefatigable as she was prepared.

(4) Gender. Look around the world and see the number of female Heads of State. Secretary Clinton could do no worse than many, many of our 43 White, male presidents past. Why does America always have to be kicking and screaming to do what’s right in the world? Go Hillary.