Get Rid of Capital Punishment

Every few months the Innocence Project is able to find and free, someone on death row. Their work is done, mostly by volunteers. Of those freed, I see Black and White men; not one of them rich. The subject gets more interesting when you learn how long they have to wait to be compensated.
This is where it gets interesting. Anyone with a modicum of decency and compassion would feel empathy and question the system that got these people in jeopardy of their lives. Not us. The majority of us don’t seem to even reflect on what’s evident here: that if the Innocence Project could rescue so many each year, then probability alone would inform us that the state is murdering our citizens right before our eyes. With impunity! Oh, it doesn’t meet the legal definition? The word murder is too strong? Quibble with that as long as you wish. In fact, take your time.
I think that you must have heard this defense of capital punishment: the fact these “mistakes” are found proves that the system works through it’s checks and balances. I’ll leave that alone.
If nothing else convinces you that we are callous, bear with me on this. Have you seen any politician calling for a congressional investigation, or the government examining the issue? The fear of that public servant is that he would be labeled as soft on crime and run out of office. So, what’s a few innocent murders here and there.

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